Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Refashion #7: Comfy Nightie from lace LBD and modal skirt

I usually prefer to work on one item at a time (UFOs not included), but somehow this time around I have 2 projects currently on my table that I cannot put away but dragging my feet to work on, AND the nagging need to make this particular refashion ASAP.

It literally took a few hours (A couple last night, and a couple this morning) even at my very casual pace.

The black (with silver metallic) Guess dress has been in my possession almost a decade it seems. It used to be loose on me. LOL. Very rarely worn. But I do remember wearing it during a work presentation I had to make at the UN in Geneva way back when. I can't even remember exactly what about, it was a lifetime ago, but I remember that it was a last minute trip coz my boss had conflicting schedule, and I didn't have my suits or formal stuff with me (i was living and working in another country at the time). Worn it with a green cardigan buttoned up I think, so as to look as if only that I was wearing a black pencil skirt? Who knows what those delegations thought. 

I've been holding on to the dress to make embellishment on a white or red charmeuse top (yet to be made, perpetually on my mental to do list), especially after inspired to do so by Carolyn's designer interpretations series (of the diary of sewing fanatic blog). But I won't need the whole dress for what I had in mind anyways. 

Chop the top part plus 3 inches under the bust. Fold to keep the bottom half, for my inspired-by-Carolyn project.

Choosing what to use for the bottom part of the nightie took the longest coz I had a few ideas. But this modal knit maxi skirt (which was already refashioned once into a hilo skirt and last worn out on my birthday picnic in May) made the cut. The modal knit fabric is a dream against the skin, but I lined the skirt with the same fabric, so it was quite heavy. Not a good idea, hence skirt not popular with me. I reckon that it will be a dream to wear as a lounge wear/sleepwear. Provided that I don't make it heavy again.

I unpick the zipper from the back of the bodice, and added 1.5in strip of the modal knit in lieu of the zipper. I kinda trace a shorter version (hits 2 inches above my knee or thereabouts) of a maxi skirt pattern (minus the waist band) for the skirt portion here. Stitch the sides and then stitch the bodice and skirt part together.

Yes, very comfy! :) Lots of the modal knit fabric left to practice making lounge/sleep shorts and so on. Next time...

Happy sewing!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gone the sparky, the fiddly and the girly route

So, it took me a half day mulling over what to make next over the last weekend after the quilt top, and home dec-y stuff. That's a short mull for me coz I can really get sidetracked (how weird that word "mull" sounds now).

I chose the sparkiest, fiddliest and imo girliest fabric in my stash, the one that I've bought online (Gorgeous Fabrics) more than a year ago, at least, not knowing what to expect. While loving it upon receipt, was at a loss at what to make of it... Plus was kinda intimidated to cut into it (which was the same story with most of my "precious" stash, all waiting for the time I feel that I'm a bit ahead in my learning curve, and nerve). It's a mint and gold velvet burnout on silk (chiffon), and I have a lil over 3 yards of it.

I think the fabric in different lighting/or day and night will look different as the above pictures.

A simple design that can showcase the fabric. I wanted something like a kimono style or a duster jacket/long coat style, if you may. Which I think a style that would suit me when I think along the lines of Sarah Liz's Body shape style guide for oval/diamond. My interpretation is to wear this open over a skimming/or a lil loose sleeveless hip length top and skinny pants for example.

The quick mull also lends to a rather (surprisingly) quick rummage in my unorganized pattern stash. I unearthed Simplicity 7406, apparently an OOP pattern, that I thrifted back in Iowa for 25 cents. :) The description says that it's a loose-fitting jacket with front band, has full-length sleeves from dropped shoulder line. Comes in size 8-20. I think it's a good base for what I have in mind.

Continuing with the adventurous spirit that seems to come in abundance in this project, I cut a size 20 to ensure fit over my middle and bottom half, and then work it out from there on. My reasoning is that after all, it's a dropped shoulder style anyways, and my fitting issues was always with the shoulders running big, but it should cease to be a problem with this style.

The only change I made to the pattern was to change the sleeves to be straight and a lil wider, in line with the kimono-esque feel I desired. And I cut the fabric. Then I remembered that I never washed/pretreated the fabric before. Duhhh... Yikess! Do I sew and then wash? What if they shrink on me? Sob sob... 

I ended up soaking the cut fabric in a tub with tap water+fabric softener, lightly squashing and thoroughly rinsing them, something I used to always do when washing my silk traditional clothes back when I was in boarding school (high school) and we had to wear traditional clothes or blouses with dressy pants/long skirts during prep classes (I suppose it's like homeroom time in schools here in US? Except that this is in boarding school, so it's a few hours at every weeknight. We have afternoon prep hours too, after lunch and rest, but we have to wear school uniform for that. I guess in uni (lived at home) and then work, my mom and I just send them to the dry cleaners.) Here, I guess I've been lazy and put everything in the washer! Note to self: I really should handwash all my me mades........

Thankfully, it didn't shrunk or anything like that, so the next morning I was able to iron on and proceed. The instruction was easy breezy, very short. I french seamed all seams (not in the instruction, but I've made enough french seamed projects to remember to add the step this time).

Oh, by the way, I saw that the selvage is kinda nice and I wanted to use that as a hem feature on the sleeves and the jacket's front band. For the sleeves, I just made sure that I cut the sleeves pieces with the selvage on the hem edge. ;)

So after the front bodice pieces sewn to the back piece (and french seamed), and then the sleeves attached to the dropped shoulders (and french seamed), I pin and basted (i do a lot of pin and hand basting in all my projects) the sides  together and tried it on (before stitching and then french seamed). Man.... It was too big around the chest area. Now, looking at the pattern pieces, am not sure if this is because I cut a size 20 straight (probably more coz of the style), coz usually my bust go with size 16, and my shoulders go with size 14. Usually. But worry not. In true Far fashion, I just pinned and marked to where I want the sides to be (sewn in one time from sleeves to sides). 

Now its a better skimming to the bust and flowy from there on down. Rather than a kimono style, it's kinda resembled a loose kebaya (another variation of the traditional malay dress). Which is not a bad thing. After all, the month-long Eid celebration will commence in early August after we're done with this fasting month. Now I have something festive to don, in case I don't have time to work on my intended dress (tunic and long skirt) in the fabric I planned for that to match with my boys (my extended family is big on matchy colors for our many celebrations, it makes for fun photo session).

Okay, I'm jumping the gun here by posting the finished outfit. But I forgot to take picture of it while it was baggy (coz there was frenzy of stuff around the house as well as this project related) and I was trying and pinning and basting and so on. Oh... did I tell you that the gold part sheds so much? From start to the end, and I know it will keep on shedding! I've never had to sweep and vacuum so many times in my life, esp for just one project! Last time my clothes shed so much was the fully beaded (again on chiffon!) wedding solemnization dress of mine. (Nope, didn't shed during the ceremony (didn't notice anyways LOL), but I've worn it a number of times up to early pregnancy (mainly events like Eid party) and I shed tiny glass beads everywhere! Hmmm... I wish I can fit into it again. No, it wasn't a me made, but I love the fabric! Refashion it? Hmmmm.... Not yet I guess.)

I'll back up a bit to the part of the front band, and wanting to use the fabric selvage as a finish/feature. I cut 2 pieces of the band pattern with the selvage there of course. Then I join the 2 pieces to make one long band (this is as instruction) french seam style (my preference). Then I iron the band in half right side together, and sandwiching the staystiched front of the bodice (like in pic below) I hand baste and then machine stitch it down (making sure that the selvage part will be on the front).

Iron them. This is how it looks like after stitching down. Oh, and I stitch and fold/iron 1/4 inch of the raw edge of the front band:

Pin the band together and baste (the selvage part to the folded down raw edge on the inside):

 And topstitch down.
Iron iron..... Lots of ironing, and shedding, and sweeping, etc etc.

What's left was hemming the bottom part. But I let it hang on the dressform whole day, before I made a tiny (for me) hem the boring dirty way: stitch 1/4 inch at the bottom, iron and fold over on the stitchline, pink cut the seam to smaller, then fold and iron a tiny hem, and then stitch down approx 3/8 inch. Iron. Done. Phew.

BACK: I dunno why one of the sleeves look longer than the other here. I assure you it's not so in real life. I think. LOL.
And that's that.

For my friends over at the 2013 Style the Stash Sewalong, I think I might have used 2 1/2 yards for this. :)

What's next? Quilt the baby quilt already! and then another shirt for hubby with some tweaks to be done from his first shirt during the June stashbusting. And maybe a button up shirt for the Bean too... Ah, plans... we'll see about that!


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Productivity up for Stash busting

At least to my standard, and pace... ;)

I guess that was mainly because I didn't sit in front of computer trying to string words together when posting on this blog (amid chaotic ruckus made by the Bean, which usually grow tenfold if he catches me on the computer and we get into a fight ;) no... it's mommy's turn, no, it's MY turn, no, it's mine, NOOOOO!!! ho-yeah! Fun times)

Another reason could be because I've moved my sewing space from the hallway closet to literally in the hallway/by the entrance. Good lighting there truly helps! Plus wooden floor means I can see dropped pins and clean up threads after a project rather easily. Since I "liberated" the only other closet from my sewing table and machines and books, there are finally a place to put things that usually clutters the eyes, like the vacuum! :)

So far in July here's what I've been working on:

1) Patchwork quilt top for 2013 nephew #2
Exploring the blocks placement: 6 x 4 blocks of wonky stars

All done! Front view

All done: Closeup front view

All done: Back view of top        

2) Bean's cotton pillow case #2 (1/2 yard main fabric, 1/4 yard of orange fabric for inside = 3/4 yards)

3) Ironing board cover

Ironing board: After
Ironing board: Before

The bright green fabric used to cover the ironing board was from a thrifted (brand new though) curtain (that comes in a pair). I had a total of 1.4 yards leftover from previous projects. From this 1.4 yards I used some for the ironing board, and the rest for oven mittens (that's not done yet coz apparently I need insulated batting also, so that will have to wait) with little scraps left.

I'm torn between wanting to proceed with the quilt, or starting with garment sewing... :) Hmmm.... I'll mull things over for a while. Watch this space to see what I end up doing this weekend ;)

Happy weekend, and happy sewing!


2013 Refashion #6: Tardy Neon Toddler Pants

This was done back in May, but was posted onto the blog nor Refashion Coop then. Main excuse would be that each time that I managed to actually get in front of PC, I can't find the original photo on the pc ;) But now it's all sorted out (and am seizing the opportunity while the boys are still slumbering...)

Original pieces:
1) My old neon barely worn CK cotton dress

2) Scraps from the sleeves of denim shirt from another of May 2013 refashion project
The play pants was based on the pyjama bottom pattern of McCall's 6458 I've made for the Bean made previously with tweaks to the sizing. I also added patch pockets to the sides, and added "appliques" of the letter I on one side and giraffe on the other. 

More play shots:

:) Happy refashioning and sewing!


Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Stashbusting!

Hello there!

Here's the rundown of my stashbusting effort so far:

2 yards of floral cotton+silk voile ---> M6702 top number 2 (my blouse)
2.5 yards of window pane shirting of probably a blend fibre ----> first ever shirt for hubby (definitely wearable muslin)
2 yards of soft pin striped shirting cotton ----> baby quilt backing
1.5 yards of quilting cotton ----> continuous bias binding for baby quilt, with leftover binding
0.5 yards of home dec fabric and some layers of felt/batting ---> exercise bicycle padding

Total yardage out of the stash in June 2013 is 8.5 yards

Photographic evidence:
Item #1: Already blogged M6702 top #2

Item #2: Hubby's first shirt is a wearable muslin from a fabric purchased at a thrift store maybe 2 years ago for $2. Buttons were from an old shirt. Based of the pattern V8759 for the front, but forgo the pattern's seamed/pieced back. I made the back based on an existing shirt he loves and comfortable in (quite simple).

Item #3: A quick pad for the stationery bicycle that really should be used!

Item #4 and #5: Added batting and back on previously completed patchwork, and made continuous bias strip too for the binding. Haven't taken the completed quilt picture yet.

:) i've been awol most of the month on my own blog, a lot of things going on (of course home and kiddo, and there there's also my father's bypass operation earlier in the month-went well by the way, and he's at home now recuperating.... :) ) but I've definitely been working on working down my stash, and making space in the stash closet... and once a while resurface to say hello and comment on our 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long blog, which I'm heading off to right about now...

Happy sewing!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Done: Silk+Cotton Voile M6702 top #2

It definitely took me quite a while, almost 2 weeks, to finish this top. But I am happy to report that it is done.

My first version was made from a peony pink linen and very comfortable to wear. It wasn't surprising since it is very much my style (a casual loose top, with a good fit around the shoulder, skim the bust area and flow over my lower region).

When I rediscover this lovely fabric in my stash, it is destined to be made into the 2nd iteration of the pattern.

Fabric: silk+cotton voile from FabricMart a couple years ago (2 yds x 45") - definitely black background with green/teal/ivory flowers with tiny white dots and silver lurex threads
Pattern: McCall's M6702, View B like my Peony Pink Linen version but with some modification
My modification for this version:
  • Re-fit the shoulder. I suspected that I have a forward shoulder situation going on, so I tweaked the bodice pattern on the shoulder part, and it sits great now. It involved adding 3/4-1" to the length of the outer shoulder, but I didn't think that far to add more on the sleeves pattern, and thus the circumference of the armscye now are bigger than the sleeves! To remedy this, I added godet to my set in sleeves, Which was a beast since I french seamed the whole top, and had to figure out a french seamed godet in my head. For the next version (coz yes, there will be more of this one) remember to add 1.5" each side to the sleeves, tapering into nothing.
  •  Instead of having a curved bell sleeves, I made it kinda straight (non curved) bell sleeves. Next time I should add 1" to the length of the sleeves.
  • Same like in the first version, I pleated the back (but opposite way than the last time) rather than gathers at the back. I learnt that I have to do this the hard way: messing up a very pretty Milly silk. I still have hope that I will get back to it and redo that top "properly".
  • Updated: I left off the patch pocket in this version.
  • I added 4 buttonholes and buttons. Love the look. I probably could've have skipped the buttonholes and just sew the buttons on. As it is I can just pull the top over my head without unbuttoning... I reused all 4 buttons from the original floral silk twill dress refashioned for my denim shirt project.
  • Another note for the next version: I should forgo the hi-lo hem of this shirt and make it all the same length as the back. But probably for fabric cut that is more than 2 yards if it is just 45" wide.

My plan is to have a complete outfit for an outing, rather than just that top. What I meant by this is that, other than just this top, I am going to make/redo/find a black tank top that will go and fit (my body) nicely with this (light and semi sheer) top. Preferably one with bra strap holder, which is a necessity for me, and yet I haven't incorporate this in my me mades. I'd have to figure out how to do this. I also will need a bottom to go with this outfit, so I will refit the white jeans that I thrifted and worn with the mother's day pink parfum silk chiffon top in pic below. Or the cream pants I have somewhere. Either one.

Exhibit A: baggy white jeans

I also will have to repair the earrings I have that I think will go with this top. All before this farewell lunch do for one of the Malaysian ladies next Thursday. I have a handbag and the shoes in mind. They are not matchy matchy with the outfit, but I think they will go well together. My aim is a casual but pulled together look. For once! :) 

I know that it is the same look that I usually sport: loose top, pants/jeans. But to put the outfit together in my mind will hopefully eliminate the feeling of rushed, fraying around the edges (psychologically), thus having a full control over how I put myself forward. I know having a better fitted clothes to my body is a huge help towards that. (As well as better eating habit and exercise regiment I am sure, but those are lifelong WIP for this household).

I am celebrating the completion of this top with a thorough cleaning of the bathroom. There will be some reorganizing in the apartment, repurposing the limited space that we have too, which probably means moving some of the sewing stuff and space. It is approximately one year and one week since we move from Iowa to Seattle, so it is about time for shaking things up and adding things in, be less of a nomad (which is a story of my life since I am perpetually in a moving mode since my growing up years).

I have decided to extend our lease in this apartment rather than look for a slightly bigger home (this decision falls on me). At this juncture, I don't think I am up to go through another rental search (with our rather lengthy requirement which is a headache and often a cause of tension hehe). The building is great (brand new, great and safe location and amenities that we should probably start using-like the gym!, nice people, quiet and thick walls) so it would be silly to move right now as we never know what we might end up with in another place. Other than bigger space probably. But to sacrifice peace of mind and so on for a bigger space, not a good idea to my husband, and I agree with him.

Next on my stashbusting sewing bucket:
  • hats for the hubby and Bean (requested)
  • wearable muslin casual fit shirt for hubby (finally!)
  • linen shirt for the hubby (birthday present)
But I might break those up with some selfish sewing for me! LOL!

Happy sewing!


p/s: this top is my first completed project for the

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bye bye MMM'13 and Hello 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long

It's been a week since Me Made May '13 ended, and I still have yet to come around to write a bit about it until today. 

My MMM'13 original pledge:

I, Far of Memoryseed blog (farsland.blogspot.com), sign up as participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear (and document that fact) at least one self made/refashioned garment everyday in May. Repeats are a possibility. It is also a time that I am going to truly 'investigate' my relationship with my Me-Made items. Time to take stock, and cull when necessary.
Things I planned on doing during the challenge:
1) self-imposed photo documentation of wearing my me-mades (with a weekly post, and maybe also a weekly post on the flickr group)
2) me-made wardrobe assessment
3) me-made wardrobe reorganization
4) sew something to commemorate Mother's Day
5) sew something to wear for my May birthday ;)
5) refashion something for Refashion Co-op and Recycled Fashion Finds ;)

Some post MM related thoughts:
  • Relieved that I made it to the end this year (yay! phew!!!), but always, I know I definitely can do better next year! :) Can't wait!
  • As expected, the part of wearing me mades wasn't really a problem since I just mainly grab them and pair them with thrifted pants/jeans (with little to no styling unfortunately). 
  • So essentially styling and putting my outfit together (and also putting myself together) is something I will put more thought into moving forward, this is a life WIP for me.
  • I also do need a happy, more presentable stay at home clothes, being that I stay at home most of the time!
  • Photo documenting me in them was a huge problem still due to several reasons: photographer at work whole day, no suitable and bright enough areas in the tiny apartment to set up tripod (and without the Bean trying to dismantling them), and so on.
  • May was pretty much spent on altering a few of my me mades, hubby's shirts and pants, and plenty of sewing related stuff. For me, was a quite productive time, and zero to none social time save for socializing with my own 2 boys, lol.
  • Didn't get to fully utilize Flickr group and check out what other participants are wearing, save for the ones on my blog list. I will get to it eventually (as I love seeing what others make and sewn and how they wear them), as soon as i figure out how to do Flickr on my phone! My time on this PC is limited (but I am determined to get this post out today!) 
  • Also a continuing WIP is to look with a critical eye at my wardrobe on what will stay and what will be put into the to be reworked pile (assess and reorganize). As mentioned, I have been altering some of my me mades to fit better, but I did not take out everything from closet and divide things out to do so.
  • Made me a mother's day top- the silk chiffon dubbed pink parfum top, but did not make a birthday outfit (birthday was 2 days after mother's day, and mother's day top was a lot of work due to fabric). 
  • For the refashion part: refashioned pants to be a hat and men's denim shirt to be my denim shirt with floral sleeves. p/s: I probably should sew in bra strap holder in all my clothes, one side always slip down my shoulder, always and ruined photos!
Right, and now the Bean is here demanding to watch train on computer!

Before I leave: here is the last day of MM photo:
Me wearing my red wool knit V1179, and the Bean wearing one of his mommy made play pants again. I made him a new play pants from my old neon green dress he wore the day before, but it seems that I don't have it downloaded to the computer. Ah well. 

First week recap: mmm-monday-day-1-2-3-4-5-recap
Second week recap: mmm-monday-day-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-recap
Third week recap:  mmm-mmmmm-day-20-to-27-recap

 Ok, while I get the Bean distracted a lil while longer, here is what's currently on my working table (read: dining table):

My first stash busting project for the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long (a fun, relaxing, no rigid rules, 7 months long "challenge" led by Sarah Liz ) :

Fabric: silk+cotton voile from FabricMart a couple years ago (2 yds) - navy or black (lighting is bad or my eyes are bad?) background with green/teal/ivory/white flowers with tiny white dots and silver lurex threads
Pattern: McCall's M6702, View B like my Peony Pink Linen version but with some modification which I will explain in the next post when it's done.

To see what me and the other stashaholics are up to, or even to join us, visit the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long blog here.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

MMM Mmmmm?: Day 20 to 27 Recap

My MMM'13 original pledge:
I, Far of Memoryseed blog (farsland.blogspot.com), sign up as participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear (and document that fact) at least one self made/refashioned garment everyday in May. Repeats are a possibility. It is also a time that I am going to truly 'investigate' my relationship with my Me-Made items. Time to take stock, and cull when necessary.

I missed my self-timed recap post yesterday :) It was a 3 day weekend for us here in the US to celebrate Memorial Day. So the computer was monopolized by the 2 boys...

Spent the last week sewing a lot, but very slowly as always. We didn't go out a whole lot, also because the weather was a bit dreary at times, but there were some grocery runs, short walks at the park/lake in between some light misty rain that people associate with Seattle. 

Here are some of the pics I managed for this round:

May 21st
Was cold, about 50-55 deg Fahrenheit the whole day. A quick run with the fam to the grocery, and I didn't want to carry my down jacket, so I get to wear this.
Top: My refashioned wool knit pinafore-esque dress (that is now supposed to be peplum, but not apparent on me here. Probably the weight of the knit plus the length of the peplum "skirt" portion. 
Bottom: A thrifted choco brown corduroy with good stretch
Accessories: Me made slouchy clutch bag (refashion project from a jacket)
Verdict: It's a winner in my book. I love the overall shape and feel of the tunic. I'm stumped with how to pair it though. Will resurface again come fall. Carrying the clutch bag is a pain, but if I throw it into my tote bag which was what I usually do, it's great to fit in a bunch of stuff.

 May 25th
Worn with: Dark blue jeans, and carrying my down jacket. Yes, it's kinda cold for me. Taken off jacket just for a quick pic.
Bean wearing one of his mommy made play pants again, with bought tshirt and hoodie.
Verdict: I'm not a fan of this look. Last time I wore it was probably last MM/summer. Beading it was hard work tho. What I don't like is the fabric (clings), the size of the neckline (i hate large gapey neckline), and the asymmetrical-ness of the sleeves. What will I do with it? I don't know yet...

May 27th

This was what I spent my last week sewing. Nope, it wasn't from scratch. It was a refashion project. A men's denim shirt + floral silk twill dress = denim blouse with contrast sleeves.

Essentially I started off with a too big men's denim shirt that I thrifted. I fiddled with it a lil bit each day. My initial target was to make it into a denim shirt with contrast peter pan collar ala Zoe. First the sleeves were off. The more I fiddle and think (thinking can both be helpful and a detriment sometimes) and unpick, the less I want a peter pan collar with this shirt. So while I chucked the original collar, I kept the collar band. I added bust dart (by the side of  the pockets). My next idea was to turn it into a cap sleeved denim top. But the cap sleeves (which was just the original bodice without original sleeves) was stiff and made my shoulders look big. I measured where I want my shoulder to stop at, took the french curve and mark (with approx. seam allowance) and cut off excess. 

And my thinking made me want to have a contrast sleeves instead of the original plan of contrast peter pan collar. Having 2 tubs of saved old clothes, I fished out the perfect treasured silk dress (this one was a silk twill dress) many years old and only worn once!!! Perfect = I will use up most of the dress and leave minimal waste. 

Used up all (with very little left over) of the skirt part of the dress for my self drafted sleeves (drafted to max the fabric).

Unpicked the original sleeve bands from the dress and used it as sleeves band on the new blouse. Added brassy look buttons from stash (purchased from JoAnn's last year), and changed up all the buttons from the denim shirt to match too.

[Saved the bodice part of the original dress with sleeves sans sleeves bands. Maybe turn it into a kid's dress. I do have 2 little nieces (my cousins').]

Verdict: I guess technically the blouse could use with some more shaping (than just at the side seams). Darts under the bust/at the back came to mind. I've never added darts like that before. not that I could recall at least. I tried pinning to see how it will look, and was thinking maybe with the 2 pockets in front it's kinda having eyepatch effect that will look more severe with extra darts under the bust... And If i just added shaping darts on my back, it will make the back falls nicely from the back, but not that nice to look at from the front. So right now it remains an a-line ish blouse, which is basically the same silhouette as always. But, I think this blouse has more of a punch than usual because of the high contrast, and also a shorter hem than I usually opt for, so it's something different in my wardrobe in essence. I really feel happy wearing it.

MM on other days
Mostly on crappy stay at home mode. I did wear my maxi skirts worn before in the previous weeks at home paired with non-me made tshirts around the apartment. That's way better than lounging in my boring pj bottoms. 
Verdict: Yeap. Need nice lounging pieces, so that I won't ruin my nice suitable to going out clothes.