Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog-anniversary Refashion!

My little blog is one this month. From my own personal history, it's quite an exciting feat to last this long and to finish any project... And I've finished quite a number of projects since starting (sewing), and have this space to document them. I think I still have 3 UFOs, but I think I can go back to those and get them done by end of the year.. :)

Anyways, I wanted to do a refashion to celebrate! The remainder of our boxes arrived the other day, and among the things I kept for this purpose is this:


A black and white stripey knit blazer from Zara (Basics). I had it maybe 5 years at least, and have worn it about 5 times, max. The fit and cut are great (eventhough 5 years later wearing it buttoned up feels like I'm a stuffed sausage), but the stripes are too severe on me hence why I don't like to wear it out much. Maybe if the stripes are thinner and smaller? :) What a pity because I really do like this princess cut blazer.

So, chop chop. A special refashion for my blog-niversary is in order. I want a slouchy clutch-y bag for me out of this blazer! :)

Retained the blazer front. Cut it out the size of 2 A4 papers taped together
Manipulated the back piece a bit, some pinching darts, added some fabric on the side, and then cut out the size of 2 A4 papers taped together like the front

Play around with different look with fabric from my stash, and this is the winning look

It's a faux leather fabric, thrifted for $3 back in Iowa

Here I was applying self-fabric piping to the edges

Found this thick satin-y hot pink/fuchsia fabric from my stash (in one of the boxes) that will be perfect and loud for my lining

Sewing lining onto the inside of the zippers (thrifted). Lining pockets are sewn before that.

After!!! My slouchy clutch-y bag

View of back of bag

Sewn rescued metal snaps

View of the inside of the bag
So there :) After making clothes from scratch for a stretch, it is quite satisfying to go back and do a pretty involved refashion. I feel like I am getting in touch with my roots somehow. LOL.

Anyways, I think I've mentioned before our huge move back in May that I want to do a giveaway of the patterns I am hoarding. I do have a lot of nice patterns (mostly thrifted) that I am sure other people will find better use for than I would. I'll have to sort through them first before putting them up (wasn't able to do it before the move), but it will be soon before the month end for sure.... (once I know how to do a giveaway of course...)


  1. Wow....that is amazing.It is stunning, creative and very individual. I love it.

    1. Awwww, thanks so much for liking it Mezzy. The stripes make it look quite bold :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Faye!!! :) Right now I think it will look nice and informal with my new white eyelet top no? :)

    2. That will certainly work! I came back because I forgot to say happy anniversary!!!

  3. Happy anniversary!
    Well done with the re-fashion, your new bag looks so classy!

    1. Thank you and happy 3rd anniversary to you!

  4. Great idea! Love the color combination! xx

  5. happy blogoversary! love the clutch! its all swanky formal on the outside and secretly fuchsia on the inside

  6. Great refashion. You'd never figure out how it started life!

  7. Oh, the clutch is lovely! And it's with lining too! Happy blog anniversary! :-)

  8. What a fantastic refashion! It's wonderful! I'm sorry I haven't visited before. What a fun blog! g

    1. Hi G! Thank you! And welcome to my blog! :)

  9. My goodness this bag is AMAZING!!! Great work xxx


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