Monday, July 1, 2013

June 2013 Stashbusting!

Hello there!

Here's the rundown of my stashbusting effort so far:

2 yards of floral cotton+silk voile ---> M6702 top number 2 (my blouse)
2.5 yards of window pane shirting of probably a blend fibre ----> first ever shirt for hubby (definitely wearable muslin)
2 yards of soft pin striped shirting cotton ----> baby quilt backing
1.5 yards of quilting cotton ----> continuous bias binding for baby quilt, with leftover binding
0.5 yards of home dec fabric and some layers of felt/batting ---> exercise bicycle padding

Total yardage out of the stash in June 2013 is 8.5 yards

Photographic evidence:
Item #1: Already blogged M6702 top #2

Item #2: Hubby's first shirt is a wearable muslin from a fabric purchased at a thrift store maybe 2 years ago for $2. Buttons were from an old shirt. Based of the pattern V8759 for the front, but forgo the pattern's seamed/pieced back. I made the back based on an existing shirt he loves and comfortable in (quite simple).

Item #3: A quick pad for the stationery bicycle that really should be used!

Item #4 and #5: Added batting and back on previously completed patchwork, and made continuous bias strip too for the binding. Haven't taken the completed quilt picture yet.

:) i've been awol most of the month on my own blog, a lot of things going on (of course home and kiddo, and there there's also my father's bypass operation earlier in the month-went well by the way, and he's at home now recuperating.... :) ) but I've definitely been working on working down my stash, and making space in the stash closet... and once a while resurface to say hello and comment on our 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long blog, which I'm heading off to right about now...

Happy sewing!!!



  1. You got quite a bit of work done in June, not to mention some very nice garments and home deck too. Looks great!

    1. Thanks Faye!:) Hope Get To Have More DWn This Month!

  2. wow! the shirt for your husband is awesome and i love the grey/yellow combo of the quilt! those are the colors i'm eventually going to paint my kitchen

    1. Hehe, Im Most Proud Of My husband's Shirt!Noted Some Parts Tht I Want To Tweak For The Next Ones, But I Think This Muslin Looks Grea On Him! Muslin Coz Its Unknown Fiber And A Test. Heatwave is Crazy IN The WestCoast!!!!

    2. I Love Grey ANd Yellow Combo Too!!!! Hehehe...

  3. Hi Far, I've been wondering about your father a lot recently, and wondered whether he had yet had surgery - and he has. I'm glad he came through, so lets hope for many more good years for you all.

    Your DH's shirt is really good - a very good wearable muslin indeed. Ilove the quilt project, and the exercise bike padders are ingenious :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! He Is Recuperating Well, And Going For His Checkups And Therapy Sessions Too :) Before All This He Hates Going To The Doctors :)

  4. Hi Far, you have made some lovely projects on June. I am looking forward to see your next projects on July:)
    I nominated you on super sweet blogging award,

    1. Awww, thAnks Super Sweet Hana For The Award! I look Forward To What You Make In July Too! :)

  5. I am happy to hear your dad is thriving and good job on the shirt!all that pattern matching.
    Happy 4th of July.


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