Monday, November 12, 2012


I am blaming the season's change on my lack of sewing mojo ;) But I haven't been idle, I've instead finished a baby quilt (handquilted) for my newly born nephew in California, making some simple quilted place mats for my MIL (machine quilted) and planning other patchwork related stuff. I still can't bring myself to finish my tardy skirt, but also feeling quite stubborn about wanting to finish it before cutting into some lovely wool knits I purchased (oops, yeah I did purchased some fabric during the now not so recent meetup with local sewing folks :) ). So, I quilt instead. Which is amazing to me because while I love to do patchwork since young, I absolutely hate the part where you finish it into a quilt, with batting and then bind... I do know that quilting is sewing too ;) but at least I do not have to fiddle with fit issues. Some part of my brain is getting some rest, while I am giving other parts some workout!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time is running out!!!

... for me to finish my 3rd installment of the Carnival of Skirts sew-a-long ending tonite...

To recap, this is the pattern I'm working on (a wearable muslin of V1082, of the fitted version).

I was feeling kinda blah with my skirt sewing, and going slow with this one. I wanted to make my own piping too, have the fabric to use, and the cording, but each  time I put the fabric down on the floor to mark it for continuous bias, the Bean proceeded to sit on it, jump on it and so on... Really makes it even tougher to proceed with the project... The prospect of having to make yards and yards of the piping.....

:) But, this recent Saturday I was at this sewing meetup (brunch and fabric shops crawl, which was super great!) and I picked up 4 packs of black piping (among other thingsss...) which was the best decision for me at this stage! I felt quite rejuvenated coming back from the meetup with other sewing ladies so I was pinning and basting as much as I can.

So this is where I am. Front side all pieced together. Just needed to be topstitched. 

Still have to finish piecing the back part...

And then of course there's the lining to tackle.. :) But I think it's shaping up okay donchathink?

I shall press on, at snail's pace, as usual... :)

Monday, October 29, 2012

PSB Giveaway "Winners"

Just a quick note to announce the "winners" of my recent patterns stash busting (aka PSB) giveaway...

Butterick 5558 - Ellen
Simplicity 5509 - Njeri
Butterick 3578 - Liz Z
Simplicity 3645 - Njeri
Simplicity 6257 - JHargreaves aka Sewneenee

2 patterns had more than one fan, so the Bean was tasked with picking the "winner" via the old fashion way - writing names down in tiny piece of papers, folded and placed in a cup, and the chubby little fingers picked the following:

Vogue 1235 - JHargreaves aka Sewneenee
New Look 6829 - Ellen

{I'm really sorry soisewedthis :( 'twas the Bean, you see...}

3 patterns were unpopular - McCall's 5055, Simplicity 8449 and Simplicity 5548. I don't mind keeping them, but the first who leaves a comment to this post indicating that they want them (one or all) can have them and this include the existing patterns winners :)

Winners, I will be contacting you shortly to get your mailing details.

Happy Monday,

p/s: To those in the East Coast, be safe!!!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Last day of the patterns stash busting giveaway...

I'm not good at promoting ;) but in case anybody check in today, just a quick reminder that I have a patterns giveaway that is ending today, Friday the 26th just before midnite PDT (Pacific Day Time). Nothing earth shattering, just a bit of sharing with fellow sewing enthusiasts the patterns from my stash. :) There's probably still one or 2 patterns that nobody chosen yet too (i think). And you can choose up to 3 patterns.

For more info, please read and leave comment on this blogpost before the clock strike 12pm (Seattle, WA, US time...).

I will announce the "winners" on Monday, October 29th, 2012.  For good luck, I will have the Bean (my 2yo kiddo) choose the winner for each pattern the traditional way (if you enter for more than one pattern, your names will be entered for each of those patterns of course). If there's any pattern that nobody wants, I will just keep them for later use.

-----------GIVEAWAY ENDED-------------------

I've been wanting to change up the look of the blog into the dynamic view template... but I still haven't figure out how to have all my links and pages and buttons and whatnot to transfer as well... so, sorry if it causes annoyance to the eyes if things are changing back and fourth and back and fourth as you are reading... :) xxx Far

Monday, October 22, 2012

Skirt Sorrows

Skirt sorrow #1
Completed my first knit skirt from "designing" my own pattern to choosing fabric and sewing it up in about 2 days. I wanted to make a simple foldover knit skirt (after being inspired by Narda wearing her foldover skirt recently) but I do not have a pattern for it. The two patterns below were my starting point (read the instructions to get an inkling on how to move forward). I also eyeballed a couple of purchased exercise pants and jersey skirts I have before proceeding with my skirt.

Being that it is my first knit skirt, I am very hesitant to cut into my ponte knits, but none of the larger scraps I have are going to be enough to make a skirt (unless I use different colors for the waistband, and so on). Luckily I found this caramel-ly brown t-shirt knit (but thick enough) in my stash, that I think was from my last thrift haul in Iowa.

Tadaaa.... Basically the pattern is 3 pieces for the skirt part (one front piece, and 2 back pieces) and then one piece for the foldover waistband (left pic is folded waistband, and on the right is when the waistband is unfolded). I followed my pattern for the skirt pieces in which I added this wedge thing on the back side.... but I also added a wedge to the front side pattern (my logic is that if people add the wedge to make room for a fuller seat to their skirt, in my case I would need both ways!)

I've worn it the whole day (next day after finishing). This is the most comfortable skirt I ever worn. Ever. I don't feel like it's gonna cut my circulation!

The sad part is that I have a feeling the fabric stretch recovery is not going to be good. So I might end up sooner rather than later with a big skirt with no more stretch. I hope I am mistaken. But this is a test skirt, giving me an idea on how I can construct a foldover knit skirt. I will definitely be making more. This is more of a stay-at-home skirt... So no pics of me wearing it. Yet.

Skirt sorrow #2
This is a HUGE dud. It left me incapacitated for days. Yep. That much drama.

The fabric is a linen-backed velvet. Red. I purchased it not knowing that there's velvet stuff stuck to it. I could have sworn I only saw that it was advertised as linen. Red linen. And I purchased perhaps 4 yards of it!!! Thinking that I can take this back home to Malaysia and give it as a present to my mom who loves to wear linen pants. But it is not to be so.... It still stink a bit even after wash. However the velvet part is really nice and bright. Too bright for my liking, but it's okay to test this pattern on me i think.

I made a date dress (during the Valentine's season) from this M6518 pattern. I've used the pattern a couple of times as the base to more of my "editing/hackjobs" but for tops (i chopped and taped my patterns a lot. rather than trace them and then make alterations....). Namely, my spring gingham peplum-ed blouse (which was a refashion project).

This time I wanted to make a skirt out of it. I shouldn't bother. I sewn everything except for the zippers. Put it on. It looks horrendous. I look like a box. I felt bad for days. I realize how still very green I am at sewing. Can't even sew skirts yet. Okay, maybe I know how to "sew" it but I mean to fit it, to choose a pattern that will fit my altered shape. I will stick my experimentation on proper skirt pattern from now on. Until I find a flattering skirt shape on me... :(

Skirt sorrow #3

This was the first skirt I ever made from scratch, the original party crasher to Faye's Carnival of Skirts. It's from Simplicity 2766. I finally worn it out yesterday. It has quite a number of issues. Firstly, the length. I wanted a longer length for this but accidentally cut it shorter just before hemming. For this shape of a skirt, it's now at a weird length - just under the knee. 

Secondly, I am so used to wearing my top covering my tummy (because I imagine it will elongate my torso? LOL). Maybe this worked (in my head) when I was younger, but my tummy/waist isn't the smallest part of me anymore. This type of skirt cannot handle this look. Maybe I will find a better top, shorter top? I don't know...


This is a carnival, a party. After a few days of sorrow where no sewing or blogging can be done (but spent running around, moping, touching patterns, pulling fabric stash and making a mess at it) I am determined to make another skirt. Different style now of course as per Faye's requirement. 

I bought this pattern (Today's Fit by Sandra Betzina V1082) many months ago I think during one of those BMV sale. My plan is to make View A (the pattern on the right, more fitted darker skirt). I've never made the skirt obviously but it has a lot of interesting element to it that it is calling to me. Go big or go bust you see...

The fabric (the brown, mint, cream, etc etc floral and earthy design, a thick cotton) I am going to test this pattern on is one of my treasured thrift find. I have 3 yards of it. I've been holding on to it forever. But it's time to sacrifice it for greater good...

The caramel brown, black and white cotton fabric above is my muslin for the upper skirt part as suggested by Sandra Betzina in her instruction.

Seems like I might need to have size G for the front portion, and then a smaller size (F) for the back... Can you have 2 different sizes for front and back? Of course you can right? That's the whole point of sewing for yourself... Makes me hesitant to cut into my fabric. Into any fabric...

And another question: Do you make your own piping? How do you make your own piping for apparel? What filler do you use? I've been using random strings I have in stash to use as piping filler. I'm not sure if this is advisable?

I really don't want another sorrowful skirt story....

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wearing my Me-Mades

I wore my me-made eyelet Vogue 1247 top and carried my new slouchy but clutch-esque bag this recent Sunday when we went out for lunch and run errands... I had my husband snap my picture before everything gets crumpled, and I like em! LOL!

Okay, I was playing around with Picasa, and can't remember what editing I did, so don't mind that the coloring and so on are different for the 3 pics okay. 

What's important here is that I have some pics of me wearing me-mades! That's rare.;)

So, this bag while cute and can fit a lot of stuff (and can also fit my small laptop and/or Ipad), it is not that practical if I use it for my everyday life (that may include bus rides with the Bean, and I have to hold my bag, his bag, our shopping bag/s, his folded stroller and him!). But it's okay for when going with the hubby who'd drive us, and can hold onto the wriggly Bean.

This top I do like and can wear all the time, especially over jeans. Notice how the top is boxy? That is totally my fault, not the fault of the pattern at all. You should go check out Carolyn's to see it's true potential! 

The pattern V1247 already informed you that it is a relaxed, loose fit top. But of course since all these pattern sizing befuddles me and I do like casual tops and I do need and love room in my clothes, I always add all these inches. And on a stiffer cotton eyelet fabric like mine, you can see how I make it boxier that it would have been (obvious in my 3rd picture there). I could shape it better I know, take it in a little around the bust and let it flow/taper out towards the bottom. :) Next time! I don't want to have to unpick all that french seams and whatnot! :)

Oh, and also, I changed the neckline of course. I don't like a wide neckline so I narrow it a bit, but I retained the depth of the neckline. I did raise the back neckline though.

The skirt in the picture is not a me made. To date I've only made one skirt after being inspired, impelled by Faye's obsession ;) After many of us make some noise, she finally invited us to tag along on her skirts carnival! We are having a carnival of skirts 2012 sew-a-long that is starting today! Join in on the parade!

Now, I better go get going on my skirt...

p/s: Almost forgot to mention that I'm having a patterns stash busting giveaway! Check it out :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Patterns Stash busting Giveaway

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm hosting a mini giveaway on my blog to celebrate it turning one, and to spread the love of sewing by sharing, from my own bursting-at-the-seams stash of patterns. Hopefully, at the end of the day, I will also get to know more likeminded people :)
Info on the patterns:
*As far as I can tell, all these patterns have never been unfolded and never been cut including the ones that were purchased brand new
*Info listed on each pattern are as listed on the sleeves
*Some of patterns' envelopes are either a little worn or stained, be it from age or by the handling of the Bean (him being our 2-yr-old son)
*Ours is a non-smoking and no-pets home, unless you consider the Bean pet-like :) Can't say  for sure for the thrifted patterns, but they smell okay to me.
Choice #1: Butterick 5558 - Misses dress and belt, size EE (14-16-18-20)
Choice #2: Vogue 1235 - Misses dress, size BB (8-10-12-14)
Choice #3: McCall's 5055 - Misses skirts, size DD (12-14-16-18)
Choice #4: Simplicity 5509 - Misses' pullover tops, size 10
Choice #5: Simplicity 8449 - Misses' nightgown in two lengths and pajamas, size BB (SM-XL)
Choice #6: Butterick 3578 - Misses' dress, size 16 (bust 36)
Choice #7: New Look 6829 - Misses's seven sizes in one :)!, size A (10-22), FR. size 38-50, EUR. size 36-48
Choice #8: Simplicity 3645 Easy-to-sew - Misses' scrubs tops, bonus pattern piece included for maternity top, size R5 (14-16-18-20-22), EUR. size 40-48, FR. size 42-50
Choice #9: Simplicity 5548 Easy-to-sew - Misses'/Miss Petite pullover dress in two lengths and jacket, size RR (14-16-18-20), EUR. size 40-46, FR. size 42-48
Choice #10: Simplicity 6257 - Babies' layette, size A (all sizes included)
To enter the giveaway:
1) Leave me a comment telling me what is your favorite sewing project ever. You are welcome to put a link to your blog post of the project (if you have a blog that is). I love to read sewing blogs and finding new ones :)
2) You can choose up to 3 patterns if you'd like. So do include which ones you'd like in your comment.
3) You have to be a follower/reader of the blog one way or another. Doesn't matter if you've read the blog for a while, or just found it because of the giveaway. If this is your first time visiting, hello! Welcome to my page :) And warm hugs to friends. 
4) Giveaway is open to US-based as well as to international readers. But you will need to be into sewing (so if you are among the few of my real life friends that I told about this blog and yet do not sew and have no plan to sew ever, you cannot enter and you are forbidden from blabbing about this on your and esp my FB either! wink wink). I also do ask that you don't enter if you are going to then sell them (that's kinda beat my purpose of sharing these patterns). You may donate or give them as gift to others though.

Addendum: There must be a way for me to contact you, either through your blog, or email (e.g. mine is farsland1979 at gmail dot com).

All comments must be left on this post by Friday, October 26th before midnight PDT (Pacific Daylight Time).

I will announce the "winners" on Monday, October 29th, 2012.  For good luck, I will have the Bean choose the winner for each pattern the traditional way (if you enter for more than one pattern, your names will be entered for each of those patterns of course). If there's any pattern that nobody wants, I will just keep them for later use.

Let the fun begins :)

Sorting out... for the patterns stash busting giveaway

I finally get some time to look at my patterns and decide which ones to give to fellow sewing enthusiasts out there (who also happens to read this blog...)

Here is the before picture of my patterns stash:

Sewing patterns in the 4 bins, on top of the bins and in the tote bag...
I have only sewn clothes for a year and I've amassed that many sewing patterns (roughly 3/4 are from thrift stores, and a quarter are purchased brand new). I wonder how many I would have before all is said and done eh?

Anyways, the reasons I wanted to have this giveaway are:
1) it is my one year blog-anniversary, blogoversary,  blog-niversary, you get the drift
2) I truly wanted to pass some of them on before we move states so that I won't have to move all of this all this way, but since things got tooo busy, wasn't able to do so until now. And it's my belief that once I have the intention to do so....
3) pass on patterns I know I do not need and some other people might be able to use
4) make a little space in my tiny sewing nook and apartment (it is practically overflowing with stuff now... I have boxes of sewing stuff in our tiny hallway even)
5) get to know other people who love to sew

I thought that I could also take the opportunity to sort my pattern stash into different categories: pants/skirts, tops/jackets, dresses and multiples/accessories (this category is for one of those set of top and skirt and dresses all in one patterns, and also for bags, gloves and such). Then it got more complicated because I have also some patterns for children. Do I put them into the separate category bin or put all of them into another special category? I only have 4 bins for patterns you see, and my tiny nook do not have space for another one. Or does it? By this time (and only after sorting 2 out of 4 bins) I got too tired, so I stop at that.

So from 2 bins, I chose 10 patterns to giveaway...

10 patterns to give away for now... open to fellow sewing enthusiasts in any location

I have to cook dinner right now (this part was typed yesterday evening) but will post more info/details on each pattern for the giveaway later. And also the details on how to do a giveaway? Since I don't have that many readers, do I do a first come first serve? Or if there's a lot of people who want a particular pattern more than the other? Do I give to 10 different people, or 5 people who can choose 2 each? The patterns are somewhat diverse (in sizing too).


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blog-anniversary Refashion!

My little blog is one this month. From my own personal history, it's quite an exciting feat to last this long and to finish any project... And I've finished quite a number of projects since starting (sewing), and have this space to document them. I think I still have 3 UFOs, but I think I can go back to those and get them done by end of the year.. :)

Anyways, I wanted to do a refashion to celebrate! The remainder of our boxes arrived the other day, and among the things I kept for this purpose is this:


A black and white stripey knit blazer from Zara (Basics). I had it maybe 5 years at least, and have worn it about 5 times, max. The fit and cut are great (eventhough 5 years later wearing it buttoned up feels like I'm a stuffed sausage), but the stripes are too severe on me hence why I don't like to wear it out much. Maybe if the stripes are thinner and smaller? :) What a pity because I really do like this princess cut blazer.

So, chop chop. A special refashion for my blog-niversary is in order. I want a slouchy clutch-y bag for me out of this blazer! :)

Retained the blazer front. Cut it out the size of 2 A4 papers taped together
Manipulated the back piece a bit, some pinching darts, added some fabric on the side, and then cut out the size of 2 A4 papers taped together like the front

Play around with different look with fabric from my stash, and this is the winning look

It's a faux leather fabric, thrifted for $3 back in Iowa

Here I was applying self-fabric piping to the edges

Found this thick satin-y hot pink/fuchsia fabric from my stash (in one of the boxes) that will be perfect and loud for my lining

Sewing lining onto the inside of the zippers (thrifted). Lining pockets are sewn before that.

After!!! My slouchy clutch-y bag

View of back of bag

Sewn rescued metal snaps

View of the inside of the bag
So there :) After making clothes from scratch for a stretch, it is quite satisfying to go back and do a pretty involved refashion. I feel like I am getting in touch with my roots somehow. LOL.

Anyways, I think I've mentioned before our huge move back in May that I want to do a giveaway of the patterns I am hoarding. I do have a lot of nice patterns (mostly thrifted) that I am sure other people will find better use for than I would. I'll have to sort through them first before putting them up (wasn't able to do it before the move), but it will be soon before the month end for sure.... (once I know how to do a giveaway of course...)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eyelet Vogue 1247 top: Done

Comfy loose fitting Vogue 1247 top made from thrifted eyelet cotton fabric. All done. All the pressing at each step, and the french seams... zzzz... :) Unfortunately, the cut and proportion is not suitable for my new Simplicity 2766 skirt, and not even suitable for my maxi-dress-refashioned-into-HiLo-skirt. :( Both of those skirts requite require a more fitted top. Better luck next time i guess...

Construction related post for this top will follow (in another post).

And the remaining 12 boxes arrived yesterday... half of which are sewing related stuff, including at least a box of clothes I can't bear to let go and want to refashion... I miss refashioning for Refashion Co-op... :)

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vogue 1247 top: Almost there...

Fabric: Thrifted eyelet cotton (1.5 yards x 44 inch)
Pattern: Vogue 1247, top
Easy to follow for a relatively newbie like me.
Cut a size 18 and added 2 inches on the sides. Runs big and and look boxy on a "stiffer" fabric like this, but will be good if with softer drape fabric like linen or silk or even softer cotton. The pattern is for an easy wearing top, so it does come roomier anyways.

Currently just need to finish the sleeves facing and then hem.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Wearing my Pink Silk top

This past Saturday while running errands (that includes a trip to the local Licensing office to get us WA'ized) I finally wore my silk charmeuse Vogue 1170 top. If you follow my blog you will realize that while I sew my own clothes quite a bit, and wear a me-made everyday, I very rarely am photographed in them. 

 Finally pictured here in my me-made blouse, with a h&m pink cotton tank top.
 I wore them over my newly thrifted blue jeans, carried my black leather jacket (soft, purchased ages ago at a consignment shop in IA). Errmm, yeah and I wore my black Crocs purchased when nothing else fit at the peak of my pregnancy! It's a tad too roomy now, but so comfy :( Kept rescuing it from the thrash...

I don't think I have many photos of me that I like - I know I am not photogenic. Many of my photos have weird facial expressions (coz I am very expressive, hehe, accentuated with maniacal hand-waving and so on). In high school, some people called me "queen of facial expressions", but let me tell you that in Malay it's not posh sounding: ratu memek! Ugghh... :) Lucky for me that I love my wedding photos taken by a very very talented friend who happened to be into photography (of the artistic kind) among other stuff. Thanks to her I have a collection of lovely wedding photos, mostly captured candidly with very few pose-y ones. :) I'd like to share some of that to show what a Malay wedding looks like (what I wore), but that will be in a different post some other day.

My lifelong problem with having my photos taken worsened of course post-baby. Instead of shrinking like most people do, I not only retained but also gained over the 2 years of motherhood. The first to show is around my face, which is how it has always been since my youth. But now unfortunately, I also carry my weight as you can see in my tummy.
There was the longest of time when doctors and myself were concerned with hernia, so scans were done earlier this year/late last year (i think?) and at that time it's determined that I don't (have hernia, so I don't require a surgery) but I do have a very very thinned out abdominal muscle, and my inner bits are mainly being held together by padding of fat. Thick ones of course, or else in my mind (can't shake off the visual impact of seeing the scan) everything in my tummy that the doctors shoved around when I had my C-sect with the Bean, will pour out! Drama drama, I know.

Maybe there is hope yet with sit ups to strengthen the muscle? I tried to do some but only managed to get my neck hurt so far :) The last doctor I saw said that maybe losing weight will help, but just a bit. So I might have to live with it and adjust accordingly.

Anyways, when I look back at the photo (I actually warmify the photo), the color and the shine is not that bad on my skin as I initially complained. And since the photo was taken outside our door at the start of our errand-running day, my face was still matte and not shiny ;) I still stand by my earlier opinion that this silk charmeuse at this light color being unkind to my extra bits, tho. Upon further scrutiny of the above photo, I feel that the extra inches that I added to the middle seam of my bias cut top causes the fabric pooling on the mid-section unflatteringly. Talk about inviting people's eyes to the spot I wanted to conceal! I should eliminate that addition if making another one. Plus, the length of the front is fine, but the back is too short somehow... 

It is also evident in the photo that the cut of my jeans is not suitable for me. Say muffin top in the worse way... Maybe a thicker waist band will smooth things better? Now this is the tricky part. While my mid section carries my weight, my hips and legs don't. So what am I? An apple? A diamond? Not sure there. So what will be the best way to dress? I am not even sure where my actual waist is now. What's most comfortable from the sides (and I imagine where my waist used to be) is also where my tummy is the biggest. But RTW jeans/pants are lower than that. (And I am also short waisted). If I use my smallest circumference as my waist, it will sit over my tummy 3 inches under my bust... Don't our waist stay the same place despite body shape changes? I'm confused.

SO there. These are the things I must consider when sewing (and dressing). Don't mind you I still love my roomy tunics and tops (and will sew more of them), but as I delve into more sewing I want to also be better at understanding what is flattering proportions and what is not.

One thing that is better is the finishing on the CB seam:

Before: Ugly HK seam finishing
After: neat turn over and stitch

Other than refinish the inside of the blouse above, this past week I've been re-hemming the hubby's work pants, altered a thrifted merino wool men's sweater to fit me (I have 2 more waiting in the queue), and a Vogue 1247 top inspired by Carolyn's Clementine. It's almost done... Initially planned to be the top to wear with my very first skirt to go to Faye's Carnival, however that is not to be the case...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Skirt - Simplicity 2766

Been a little bit slow working on the skirt, but it's done now. I find myself feeling tired and wanting to fall asleep when working on it after dinner, and during the day the Bean didn't let me work on it continuously :)

So this is my finished skirt:

Now that it's hemmed, I realized that I must have mix up the measurement with the other things I wanted to do... I should've cut the bottom 3 inches before hemming rather than 6 inches! 6 inches is for another "alteration" project! Or is it 4 inches? I should re-measure before cutting that one....

I have this lovely red lining fabric in my stash. Thrifted in Iowa :) Glad to go shopping in my own stash.

More pics for this project was shared in my previous post.

As I mentioned in that post, I cut a size 18 for the project, and even added 3 inch for the middle panel piece that is cut on fold. Why? Because I thought that by adding all that inches, I will have a comfy skirt, and if it's too big I will attempt to put waist darts into it. However, it was wayyyyy too big.

With 3 inches added on fold for both front and back middle panel, that equates to 6 a total of 12additional inches of extra fabric there. For RTW, I wear pants/jeans size 14 comfortably (if  they have some sort of stretch of course). But I know not to cut a size 14 for my skirt patterns even if it's my first time attempting to make myself a "bottoms'. I decided to unpick (yes, by this time I've sewn all the panels together to see how it looks on me using the actual fabric, as I think, correctly, that it is quite hardy to take on the abuse) the middle panels (front & back) from the sides and then recut them back to just size 18. And then resew them back. Size is okay then. 

The pattern instruction is quite simple and short. I should have been done with the skirt a while ago. But as usual I cannot let things sit and just follow instructions A-Z. I decided to line it since I don't quite like the way the skirt fabric hang on me a bit stiffly (eventhough it's not as thick as regular denims). Found a nice red lining fabric in my stash that complements the red thread that is part of the "embroidery" on the main skirt fabric. So cut the lining fabric size 18 all the way. Sew the same way as skirt.

In the instruction, the way you are instructed to finish the skirt's waist is by sewing a twill tape on the top part of the right side of skirt, and then stitch it down the inside.

I attached the wrong side of the skirt and the wrong side of the lining together (at the top of skirt, as in the pic below/left), and handstitch down the lining to the zipper.

Doing my best to keep the inside neat...

Used leftover black twill from my fuchsia exposed zipper dress for my waist stay.

And then as in the instruction, sew the twill tape on the front of the skirt and fold it inside towards the lining and baste. And top stitch it down from the front side...

Then I made the erroneous cut of 6 inches off the bottom instead of 3, and just hem it - stitch, turn over and press, and stitch down. Same with the lining, except it's an inch shorter than the outside. Wanted to make one of those lining stay thingy, but I'm done with this for now. It's time to go to the carnival!!! Except..... I have nothing to wear on top. Typical! Nothing goes with anything. I will have to do something about that. Enough with sewing without much of a plan. I have to at least sew things that go together, no???


p/s: Will I make this skirt again? I probably will. It's actually super easy. But I will have to address fit issues better, and must not cut the hem this short, and in a different type of fabric, and have a top in mind for it...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The making of my first skirt from scratch

in pictures...

Chosen pattern: Simplicity 2766, View D (the only skirt) size AA 10-18

Fabric: Gifted by parents, upon further inspection it's a light denim type fabric black with gold, and machine embroidered/stitched with green, red and goldy-yellow threads

There's only 2 main pattern pieces. Cut 4 pieces for the side panels front and back, and 2 on fold for the front and back middle panels. I cut size 18 straight, and added 3 inches on the fold for the middle panels. I know i'd have to adjust later, and will have to figure this out, but my sizing is weird post-Bean so that's where i'm starting...

New shears: Gingher! I love em!

Cutting all done. Sewing starts tomorrow!

 Hey Faye, I'm crashing your party! Wait for me!!! :)