Thursday, June 6, 2013

Bye bye MMM'13 and Hello 2013 Style the Stash Sew A Long

It's been a week since Me Made May '13 ended, and I still have yet to come around to write a bit about it until today. 

My MMM'13 original pledge:

I, Far of Memoryseed blog (, sign up as participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear (and document that fact) at least one self made/refashioned garment everyday in May. Repeats are a possibility. It is also a time that I am going to truly 'investigate' my relationship with my Me-Made items. Time to take stock, and cull when necessary.
Things I planned on doing during the challenge:
1) self-imposed photo documentation of wearing my me-mades (with a weekly post, and maybe also a weekly post on the flickr group)
2) me-made wardrobe assessment
3) me-made wardrobe reorganization
4) sew something to commemorate Mother's Day
5) sew something to wear for my May birthday ;)
5) refashion something for Refashion Co-op and Recycled Fashion Finds ;)

Some post MM related thoughts:
  • Relieved that I made it to the end this year (yay! phew!!!), but always, I know I definitely can do better next year! :) Can't wait!
  • As expected, the part of wearing me mades wasn't really a problem since I just mainly grab them and pair them with thrifted pants/jeans (with little to no styling unfortunately). 
  • So essentially styling and putting my outfit together (and also putting myself together) is something I will put more thought into moving forward, this is a life WIP for me.
  • I also do need a happy, more presentable stay at home clothes, being that I stay at home most of the time!
  • Photo documenting me in them was a huge problem still due to several reasons: photographer at work whole day, no suitable and bright enough areas in the tiny apartment to set up tripod (and without the Bean trying to dismantling them), and so on.
  • May was pretty much spent on altering a few of my me mades, hubby's shirts and pants, and plenty of sewing related stuff. For me, was a quite productive time, and zero to none social time save for socializing with my own 2 boys, lol.
  • Didn't get to fully utilize Flickr group and check out what other participants are wearing, save for the ones on my blog list. I will get to it eventually (as I love seeing what others make and sewn and how they wear them), as soon as i figure out how to do Flickr on my phone! My time on this PC is limited (but I am determined to get this post out today!) 
  • Also a continuing WIP is to look with a critical eye at my wardrobe on what will stay and what will be put into the to be reworked pile (assess and reorganize). As mentioned, I have been altering some of my me mades to fit better, but I did not take out everything from closet and divide things out to do so.
  • Made me a mother's day top- the silk chiffon dubbed pink parfum top, but did not make a birthday outfit (birthday was 2 days after mother's day, and mother's day top was a lot of work due to fabric). 
  • For the refashion part: refashioned pants to be a hat and men's denim shirt to be my denim shirt with floral sleeves. p/s: I probably should sew in bra strap holder in all my clothes, one side always slip down my shoulder, always and ruined photos!
Right, and now the Bean is here demanding to watch train on computer!

Before I leave: here is the last day of MM photo:
Me wearing my red wool knit V1179, and the Bean wearing one of his mommy made play pants again. I made him a new play pants from my old neon green dress he wore the day before, but it seems that I don't have it downloaded to the computer. Ah well. 

First week recap: mmm-monday-day-1-2-3-4-5-recap
Second week recap: mmm-monday-day-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-recap
Third week recap:  mmm-mmmmm-day-20-to-27-recap

 Ok, while I get the Bean distracted a lil while longer, here is what's currently on my working table (read: dining table):

My first stash busting project for the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long (a fun, relaxing, no rigid rules, 7 months long "challenge" led by Sarah Liz ) :

Fabric: silk+cotton voile from FabricMart a couple years ago (2 yds) - navy or black (lighting is bad or my eyes are bad?) background with green/teal/ivory/white flowers with tiny white dots and silver lurex threads
Pattern: McCall's M6702, View B like my Peony Pink Linen version but with some modification which I will explain in the next post when it's done.

To see what me and the other stashaholics are up to, or even to join us, visit the 2013 Style the Stash Sew-A-Long blog here.


  1. Yeah, I think the tricky part of MMM is the documenting.
    I tried to post pictures to the flickr group via my phone app and could not figure out how to. Ended up going online via browser to select the group. :/

  2. I admire everyone who participated in Me-Made-May. What a wonderful feat to wear something you made every day for a month! Congratulations Far!

    1. Thanks L! :) I did wear non me mades for maybe 3 or 4 days, t-shirts and shorts around the house... but other than that managed to completely don something I made daily...

  3. Hi Far, I think MMM is hard to do because of the documentation also. But, it is that level of attention that yields so many good changes in our wardrobe planning. Easy for me to say as I didn't participate this year :-)

    1. Hi Mary! Oh yes! I do recognize huge gaps in my wardrobe... and the need to tackle sewing coordinating bottoms too.. Hehe... maybe it will be better next year for me with another sewing year under my belt.. hehehe.. maybe...

  4. Hi Far!
    I am looking forward to see your first project for 2013 style stash sew a long, I am sure it's going to be pretty as the previous one.
    I am working on my first project too, I hope I can finish it during weekend.

    1. Hi Hana! I hope I will get mine done over the weekend too! :) happy weekend and sewing!

  5. Hi Far, I agree with L - full marks for going the distance with this. It must be hard todo the photos with bouncing bean - love the last one, you co-ordinate with the print.

    And you have been so busy thinking about where to go from here - it's hard to build a co-ordinated functional wardrobe that can ring the changes - and things wear out as fast as you need them,or the body changes again.

    Look forward to seeing the top - how you manage at all with an active just under 3 year old is a wonder to me :)

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! Maybe by next MMM the Bean will be my photographer... hehehe...
      well, I just work ever so slowly in small spurts here and there in between other stuff... but even when bean is fully engrossed with his own play and I sit for a long stretch at the table with my sewing stuff, I still work slowly. :) a lot of hand basting, a lot of daydreaming about fabric and future projects, reading blogs and replying comments... Lol.

  6. Congrats Far!!!!! You did incredibly throughout May! Thanks so much for taking the time (or rather finding the time!) to evaluate your successes and WIP's. You achieved soooo much that you set out to do, I really hope you are super proud of your achievements. You have a lot of self-knowledge, that's so impressive. Thanks again for taking part, you are awesome xxx

    1. Thank You Zoe,ForPutting This Together, Inspiring Us And Also For Taking The Time To Visit Us Participants On Our Pages! :) As A Group The Impact Is Huge Im Sure, But For Me On A Personal Level Mmm Brought That Extra Self Realization Re And Of My Own Growth(Or Rather How I Should Grow Moving Forward) :) Look Forward TO Next 2014 And Seeing Your Lil One In Mommy Mades.. xxx

  7. I totally agree with you, the most stressful part of the MMM is to document it, but I remember eagerly taking photos every day ... I just found your blog and check your links to previous weeks ... You did a great job! Looking forward to your new project!

    1. Hi Rosy! Welcome To My Page! I Just Found Your Blog And Followed You Too. I See How Much Fun And PlayfulnEss In Your Photos, Hence Taking Pics For MMM Not So Much A Chore As It Would Have Been For Me Hehe! If I Smile Too Much, My Eyes Wil Disappear. Not A Good Look! Anyways, Happy Sewing!


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