Monday, April 23, 2012

A bunch of un-donate-able clothes...

Yesterday was Earth Day, and a Sunday, so I started to sort out through our mountains of clothing to figure out which are staying and which should be packed for donation. I usually do this periodically, but I think ever since I took up sewing last year these kind of activity (and intense cleaning in general) seems to take a back seat.

Anyways, what would you do with a bunch of un-donate-able clothing items? 

Sorting through (the top of) our things I found some torn and some stained clothes. Most of the times I cut em up into rags to wipe the floor or cleaning the kitchen. This time I around I made 3 pairs of play pants for the Bean (2 are 3/4 length and 1 longer, all elasticized pull up types, using the same pattern as the Choo choo pyjama bottom, which is McCalls 6458).

From daddy's pants (the very same cotton twill pants from which I made Bean's Fisherman Hat #1) is this grey/blueish 3/4 pull pants (elastic was from my old pants). Pictured folded: Dark red checkered fabric was from an old shirt and the black one underneath was from a stained sweatshirt.

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