Tuesday, July 30, 2013

2013 Refashion #7: Comfy Nightie from lace LBD and modal skirt

I usually prefer to work on one item at a time (UFOs not included), but somehow this time around I have 2 projects currently on my table that I cannot put away but dragging my feet to work on, AND the nagging need to make this particular refashion ASAP.

It literally took a few hours (A couple last night, and a couple this morning) even at my very casual pace.

The black (with silver metallic) Guess dress has been in my possession almost a decade it seems. It used to be loose on me. LOL. Very rarely worn. But I do remember wearing it during a work presentation I had to make at the UN in Geneva way back when. I can't even remember exactly what about, it was a lifetime ago, but I remember that it was a last minute trip coz my boss had conflicting schedule, and I didn't have my suits or formal stuff with me (i was living and working in another country at the time). Worn it with a green cardigan buttoned up I think, so as to look as if only that I was wearing a black pencil skirt? Who knows what those delegations thought. 

I've been holding on to the dress to make embellishment on a white or red charmeuse top (yet to be made, perpetually on my mental to do list), especially after inspired to do so by Carolyn's designer interpretations series (of the diary of sewing fanatic blog). But I won't need the whole dress for what I had in mind anyways. 

Chop the top part plus 3 inches under the bust. Fold to keep the bottom half, for my inspired-by-Carolyn project.

Choosing what to use for the bottom part of the nightie took the longest coz I had a few ideas. But this modal knit maxi skirt (which was already refashioned once into a hilo skirt and last worn out on my birthday picnic in May) made the cut. The modal knit fabric is a dream against the skin, but I lined the skirt with the same fabric, so it was quite heavy. Not a good idea, hence skirt not popular with me. I reckon that it will be a dream to wear as a lounge wear/sleepwear. Provided that I don't make it heavy again.

I unpick the zipper from the back of the bodice, and added 1.5in strip of the modal knit in lieu of the zipper. I kinda trace a shorter version (hits 2 inches above my knee or thereabouts) of a maxi skirt pattern (minus the waist band) for the skirt portion here. Stitch the sides and then stitch the bodice and skirt part together.

Yes, very comfy! :) Lots of the modal knit fabric left to practice making lounge/sleep shorts and so on. Next time...

Happy sewing!



  1. That is a pretty dress Far - I think you could wear it as a dress as well :) (saves getting dressed in the morning, lols).

    Seriously, it is lovely - and the leftovers will be well used - your refashions are always so lovely.

    1. Thanks Sarah Liz! It's Gonna Be My Stay At Home Dress Definitely. After Last Night, I Can Testify That It's Comfy To Sleep In, And CuteSy For Daytime, A Huge Departure From The Raggedy Stuff I Subject My Family To Day In And Day Out... Need More Of the Same Vein For At Home Stuff I Think :)

  2. Wow Far, great refashion!

  3. Oh this nightie is just beautiful Far :)

  4. How did I miss this this??? This is beautiful! Can you make me one (he he)!

  5. That is lovely, Far! It must be very nice to wear especially in this hot weather :-)

  6. Hey, haven't heard from you in a while, are you still sewing?

  7. I hope all is well with you. You have been quiet over there

  8. I've been away for so long! :) Thanks for checking up on me ladies :)


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