Monday, May 13, 2013

MMM Monday: Day 6,7,8,9,10,11 & 12 Recap

So here's my original pledge:

I, Far of Memoryseed blog (, sign up as participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear (and document that fact) at least one self made/refashioned garment everyday in May. Repeats are a possibility. It is also a time that I am going to truly 'investigate' my relationship with my Me-Made items. Time to take stock, and cull when necessary.

Picture diary for the 2nd week of Me-Made-May 2013:

May 6th
Worn with non me-made cropped cardi and white eyelet skirt.
A quick run to the grocery's.

May 7th
 The great weather continued into last week (and seems like this week too). We went for a stroll at the Gas works Park and looked at the sailboats.
 I wore my spring silk chiffon blouse, which was a refashion project from an old dress, over blue jeans.
The Bean wore one of his mommy-made pants again...

May 8th
I think we must've stayed in the whole day, while I did some sewing and re-work on a couple of things. The whole day I did not wear any me-made, just a stay at home knit dress. But hubby worn to work some sort of a refashioned shirt. From a long sleeved baggy checkered shirt, re-did as a casual short sleeved one. Hehe..

May 9th
Wearing my last year's birthday silk jersey V1179 dress that I chopped into tunic length. Again, paired with boring black cardigan and curduroy pants. 
Me and the Bean went to Joann's to add some more Simplicity patterns to mommy's stash (was on sale for about $1 each), but we had to wait for hubby to come home from work to take pics... Actually I tried taking pic with our proper cam (with tripod and remote, inspired by Carolyn :)), but man, too many toys on the floor in the shots...

 May 10th
 It's Friday and the week's theme was sewing space. :) My sewing space being in a closet in the narrow entryway of our apartment made it difficult to take picture of me at it...
But the above are snapshots of the space's wall that I re-did just earlier in the week. I made 2 fabric-covered pinboards by repurposing thick and doubled polystyrene foams from packaging (the fabric cover was leftover thrifted bright green cotton curtains that I used when making cushions and stuff previously). One of the pinboards, on the left, are now my fully covered by inspiration photos ripped off old InStyle magazines, while the one on the right is pinned with family photos. I also finally hung the framed carved wood art of the kebaya dress, purchased in Kuala Lumpur during my recent trip home visiting my father. Very apt for my sewing space!

Also on that day, I wore my emerald green refashioned top with jeans, while chasing after the Bean at the playground (who wore another old mommy-made play pants that he already wore last week)

 May 11th
We went out for a lil bit to get pizza takeout and then stay in :) Pic was of me carrying the food in the elevator. I wore my yellow and white silk top, and the up-sized, re-lined linen light jacket. Definitely over jeans I think...


May 12th
 Mother's Day! Wearing my silk chiffon pink parfum blouse, over a baggy white jeans! LOL.
The Bean was happily jumping in another one of his old mommy-made play pants.
We were at the Gas Works park again. Of course. It's just a lil bit under a mile from our place after all. 
Hope that everyone had a great weekend and Mother's Day as we did!

It is obvious that all my pants and jeans are very baggy, will I look better if I make them a bit fitter? More proportionate or at least look trendier/younger? Even my mom and aunt wore better fitted pants!

By the way, tomorrow is my birthday, and i think a giveaway is in order. I have this mostly maroon silk saree fabric, with embroidered border (gold thread on grey/metal). I didn't measure the length, but if it is enough to make a saree, it would be more than enough to make a dress, top, blouse with some leftover i'm sure. :) Would anybody be interested in the fabric? It is really pretty, but the color is too dark for my coloring (I got another set in bright green that I plan to make into something for myself :))

p/s: The pic is bright. I think the maroon is deeper.


  1. Wow, you wear a lot of nice silk. I bring a lot of silk shirts home from the Goodwill store but I never know what to do with them. You've inspired me to try some more.

    1. I just love silk, the colors and prints on silk esp... :) I'm also looking out for nice silk shirts/skirts at Goodwill! Recently found the perfect polka dot silk (on a too small skirt) that I had to take home from Goodwill.. so pretty... probably making a top out of it, challenge is to maximize the whole available 'yardage' from a size 6 skirt. Lol. Last time I might fit in a size 6 probably in my teens!

  2. Silk is the best, just so nice to wear, however not always so nice to sew.
    The silk saree fabric is gorgeous, I would love to wrap that fabric around me. Yum.

    1. I so agree! Plus, there are just so many diff types of silk too! All very yummy... I will definitely put you on the list for the Saree silk!

  3. Far you had quite a a fashionable MeMade week. You look great in your creations too!

    1. Thanks Faye! I did okay last week didn't i? Lot's of me-made tops, but wearing the same few thrifted pants. LOL. Sewing gap: must learn to make bottoms!

  4. Hi Far, you have been so busy sewing and taking photos. I think the mothers day outfit looks very lovely, but I know what you mean about pants - its hard to get them to fit well. I think you are an apple shape and you are also petite - you may look good in leggings and really slim trousers, and a lovely longline top/short dress (very like your traditional attire).

    1. Tell me about it! I usually just buy the pants that feels comfy and fits nicely around the waist and rear, with all the intention to alter the fit of the leg later on, but never gets round to it! It took this MMM photo documentation/proof for me to see myself how awful they look!
      you are probably right that I am an Apple. I feel like a rectangle, or a square.

  5. looove the silk chiffon floral top!

    i agree with sarahliz - slimmer pants would be quite flattering. plus the best thing about tunics is you can wear leggings as pants without your bum hanging out.. pants just dont fit right - too baggy in the seat or weird in the crotch or they fall down or ride up or are just terrible. but i digress.

    also, i need to learn patience to sew silk. the yellow top especially is lovely

    1. LOL re bum hanging out! hehehe... that's why i love tunics, i dont want to worry about my 360 deg of bits hanging out!

      sewing with silk (and other fibers) are all trial and error over here. sometimes it works wonderfully, and yet the next time i try my hand at a similar fabric it could turn it's ugly head at me! like, today i sew with ITY knit, i've sewn with them before, but man, today i sew the wonkiest hem ever! ;)


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