Monday, May 6, 2013

MMM Monday: Day 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 Recap

 So here's my original pledge:

I, Far of Memoryseed blog (, sign up as participant of Me-Made-May '13. I endeavor to wear (and document that fact) at least one self made/refashioned garment everyday in May. Repeats are a possibility. It is also a time that I am going to truly 'investigate' my relationship with my Me-Made items. Time to take stock, and cull when necessary.

May came rolling by, and I find myself quite committed to reworking some of my existing me made pieces. More so than taking pics of me in them, that's for sure! But hey, here are some pics snapped on my phone!

Picture diary:

May 1st: 
No pics of me on the day. Was indoors the whole day sewing, reworking some me-made stuff and house chores. Wearing rags (old self made tunic top which was a frankenpattern with non me made shorts).
Here's the pic of the top from the dryer:
Sorry for the wrinkles, but there are bust darts in there, one of my very first ones. LOL.

May 2nd:
Bean wanted to go on a busride, so we went downtown (also to take advantage of hubby's picturetaking). We were next to the Pike Place Market in Seattle.
I was wearing my happily wrinkled Peony pink linen blouse from McCall's M6702, worn over thrifted chocolate brown curduroy pants. Was super windy, so you can see next to us was my trusty black down jacket!
Me made on the Bean was the pants from his choo choo pyjama set now kinda short and worn as play pants.
 Verdict: Already noted but just another reminder to add an inch for french seaming on the shoulder seams. Hate ironing linens and that it looks old after a couple washes, but how comfy it is to wear! Top is a keeper.

May 3rd:
Friday Water theme... This is by the nearby Greenlake in Seattle just before sunset as the Bean wants to go see the ducks. 
I'm wearing my Sorbetto tunic top, paired with thrifted black cardigan and black curduroy pants.
Verdict: Not bad. Keep. Wear!

May 4th:
Again by the water, but this time just after brunch at home. What lovely weather we have had!
I wore my re-fitted/re-worked white eyelet top from Vogue 1247 over another me made (wahhh!) which is a maxi dress from the hot cha cha knit.
Verdict: Top so much better after the re-fit! Was too boxy before. Perfect spring/summer top. I like the maxi dress, but will re-work this into a long maxi skirt instead for more wear.

May 5th:
No pics. Was at home cooking, hanging with the fam, and sewing this fabric for Mother's Day blouse:
Lounging in my me made pyjama pants.
Verdict: Need to make more!


  1. I like to see pictures of you. :)
    And oh how I am jealous that you are in Seattle, so gorgeous there.

    1. Aww! Msg Me When And If You Are Coming To Town Trice, We Should Get Together And TalK sewing, Lol! :)

  2. I agree, Seattle does look lovely, as does your little son - and you of course. Aren't self photo's so tedious? I like the resulting pictures though - all your garments look lovely. Look forward to seeing the rest of them. I wonder whether your cull will end up being remade?

    1. Ola My Dear SarahLiz! Taking Self Photos Is As Tedious As Ironing Imho! Lol. Most Of The Year I Avoid Both, But In May I Give In Just A Little.. Wink!!
      I Think I Have A Tendency To Take The Seam Ripper & Scissors To My Make Many Times Before It Will Go Into The Donation Or Trash Bin... But Maybe At The End Of This Month I Will Do A Roundup Of What I Managed To Do. You Know, Before We Start The Style The Stash Months :)

  3. I just love your pink shirt, it looks so beautiful on you! And of course your son is as cute as a button :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! :) I think pink suits me. Which is funny because I never consider myself a pink lady necessarily :)

  4. You look lovely in these shots! I hope you are enjoying the challenge so far... Zoe xx

    1. Thank you Zoe! And how fun it is that you hop on to my page! :) xx

  5. love the outfit shots! that magenta top is a great color and the sorbetto reminds me of new zealand.. black and ferns. sigh


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