Saturday, July 13, 2013

2013 Refashion #6: Tardy Neon Toddler Pants

This was done back in May, but was posted onto the blog nor Refashion Coop then. Main excuse would be that each time that I managed to actually get in front of PC, I can't find the original photo on the pc ;) But now it's all sorted out (and am seizing the opportunity while the boys are still slumbering...)

Original pieces:
1) My old neon barely worn CK cotton dress

2) Scraps from the sleeves of denim shirt from another of May 2013 refashion project
The play pants was based on the pyjama bottom pattern of McCall's 6458 I've made for the Bean made previously with tweaks to the sizing. I also added patch pockets to the sides, and added "appliques" of the letter I on one side and giraffe on the other. 

More play shots:

:) Happy refashioning and sewing!



  1. Great work with the pants, Far. I think pants sewing is very difficult so well done!

    1. Thanks Agy! Pants Are Indeed Tough, Eve The Pyjama Pants I Ade For Me Was A Sad case, But For AToddler, Not So Much... He's Just Happy To Get A Special Giraffe Pants :)


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