Thursday, October 20, 2011


On last count, I own 109 sewing patterns - 15 of them are bought brand new, and the rest I bought from my favorite thrift store over the few months for between $0.25 to $0.50 each. I probably have used 4 or 5 of these patterns ever, but I've only just begun.... There's no rhyme or reason on how I chose a pattern to take home (once I bought 20 patterns in one outing) initially. Just as long as the design looks good. Then when I start to actually learn to use them, I realized that I kept on going back to the same pattern to be used as my base, and that I don't have enough of them! Nowadays I look for different detailings, hmmm, like princess cut bodice for example, or empire waist and so on.

Don't worry, even though I hoard bought a lot of patterns from the store, there are always some left (very rarely that anyone else but me looking at them even when the store is full of people) and then I think there are always people donating more too (hence why I am able to collect so many over many weekend trips!)

The store usually have a 50% discount on everything once a month (middle of the month), and this month it fell on Monday. I usually go with my husband and baby on Saturday afternoons as our ritual (he likes to check out the antiques and nick-knacks section), but I made an exception this Monday as I really wanted to look at their old/vintage sewing machines (they have lots). I thought that I would get one that would do a straight stitch or/and zig-zag, so that I can use it to sew leather and not mess up my cheap but reliable Brother machine :). Unfortunately, I did not factor in that I have a wiggly baby with me and that meant bye bye to trying out the machines. And to be honest, I was also quite overwhelmed by the idea of threading and maintaining these vintage machines, so I will scratch that for now. I don't need another machine at this stage, even an old cheap one. I have nowhere to put it! But if a treadle type comes by i might be tempted! The memory of my late grandma's Singer :) I wonder where it is now. Long gone i suppose.

The trip was not in vain of course. I hauled back many lovely fabric measuring between 1 yd to 2 yds each for a bargain, and some back issues of Threads magazine. :)

L-R: Brown Faux leather/pleather, a more reddish brown of the same faux leather/pleather, brown satiny fabric, brown, white and sage green jersey-type fabric, a thick cottony knit fabric, 2 plaid fabrics

L-R: The same 2 plaids as above pic, a cottony light blue with white and pink flowers, a stretchy blue denim fabric, blue linen, dark blue thick woven fabric, dark blue and brown knit of some type

L-R: A lovely light rust colored (with some red) woven fabric, a black with some cream and gray woven fabric, 2 yds of lovely pure black wool for $2/yd!! and a black cotton fabric

Back at home, after the baby is asleep and I was sorting out my stash (glee), my husband was so amazed and said that I should have enough fabric now to sew for a long time... hehehe :)


  1. What a collection! I wish I had a thrift store like that near me! I rarely find any fabric at the thrift store and end up buying vintage sheets. Looking forward to seeing what you make.

  2. Hi Liza, you're the blog's first commenter! Yay! I am quite excited also with my Monday find. It is rare to get garment-type fabric at the local thrift store that we go to, most are remnants of quilt projects and such. So I also can't believe my lucky stars when I found them. I will do my best to turn them into something. I can't just touch and look at them, no? :)

  3. Great patter stash. I'm a pattern hoarder myself and proud of it (lol). If I lived near Iowa City I'd be grabbing some of those up too. Thanks for reading and commenting on my blog.


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