Friday, February 24, 2012

Red & black date dress

Yesterday afternoon the date dress was finally completed. I am emotionally exhausted. Spent. Has any sewing project did that to you?

There are some fit issues that I've identified that I can do better for next version (yes I do like the pattern McCall's M6518 , or the shape really) but after so many times ripping the seams, resewing and so on, I won't mess with this one anymore. The issues are from my own limitation re my fitting, and not from the pattern.

I might shorten the hem to follow the pattern sleeve picture. Right now with the knee length and two color it's looking too corporate-ish, officey. Shorter hem will make it look more fun. I'll do longer than knee length when I do an all black version someday.

Might get the hubby take pics for when I am all cleaned up and dressed for our dinner out, but here are the pics for now:


  1. Wow, this is really a beautiful dress. How have I missed your blog for this long?!


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