Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sorting out... for the patterns stash busting giveaway

I finally get some time to look at my patterns and decide which ones to give to fellow sewing enthusiasts out there (who also happens to read this blog...)

Here is the before picture of my patterns stash:

Sewing patterns in the 4 bins, on top of the bins and in the tote bag...
I have only sewn clothes for a year and I've amassed that many sewing patterns (roughly 3/4 are from thrift stores, and a quarter are purchased brand new). I wonder how many I would have before all is said and done eh?

Anyways, the reasons I wanted to have this giveaway are:
1) it is my one year blog-anniversary, blogoversary,  blog-niversary, you get the drift
2) I truly wanted to pass some of them on before we move states so that I won't have to move all of this all this way, but since things got tooo busy, wasn't able to do so until now. And it's my belief that once I have the intention to do so....
3) pass on patterns I know I do not need and some other people might be able to use
4) make a little space in my tiny sewing nook and apartment (it is practically overflowing with stuff now... I have boxes of sewing stuff in our tiny hallway even)
5) get to know other people who love to sew

I thought that I could also take the opportunity to sort my pattern stash into different categories: pants/skirts, tops/jackets, dresses and multiples/accessories (this category is for one of those set of top and skirt and dresses all in one patterns, and also for bags, gloves and such). Then it got more complicated because I have also some patterns for children. Do I put them into the separate category bin or put all of them into another special category? I only have 4 bins for patterns you see, and my tiny nook do not have space for another one. Or does it? By this time (and only after sorting 2 out of 4 bins) I got too tired, so I stop at that.

So from 2 bins, I chose 10 patterns to giveaway...

10 patterns to give away for now... open to fellow sewing enthusiasts in any location

I have to cook dinner right now (this part was typed yesterday evening) but will post more info/details on each pattern for the giveaway later. And also the details on how to do a giveaway? Since I don't have that many readers, do I do a first come first serve? Or if there's a lot of people who want a particular pattern more than the other? Do I give to 10 different people, or 5 people who can choose 2 each? The patterns are somewhat diverse (in sizing too).



  1. HOly cow! That's a lot of patterns!

    1. OMG i know! Hence the giveaway. Will have a post out later today for that, do check it out okay! :)


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