Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Time is running out!!!

... for me to finish my 3rd installment of the Carnival of Skirts sew-a-long ending tonite...

To recap, this is the pattern I'm working on (a wearable muslin of V1082, of the fitted version).

I was feeling kinda blah with my skirt sewing, and going slow with this one. I wanted to make my own piping too, have the fabric to use, and the cording, but each  time I put the fabric down on the floor to mark it for continuous bias, the Bean proceeded to sit on it, jump on it and so on... Really makes it even tougher to proceed with the project... The prospect of having to make yards and yards of the piping.....

:) But, this recent Saturday I was at this sewing meetup (brunch and fabric shops crawl, which was super great!) and I picked up 4 packs of black piping (among other thingsss...) which was the best decision for me at this stage! I felt quite rejuvenated coming back from the meetup with other sewing ladies so I was pinning and basting as much as I can.

So this is where I am. Front side all pieced together. Just needed to be topstitched. 

Still have to finish piecing the back part...

And then of course there's the lining to tackle.. :) But I think it's shaping up okay donchathink?

I shall press on, at snail's pace, as usual... :)


  1. A very chic pattern, and such gorgeous fabric! I hope you finish tonight as planned :)

  2. The skirt is coming along fabulously. The piping really takes it up a notch. When you get time, can you do a further explanation on how you applied the piping to the skirt. My usual piping method involves, sewing the piping to one side of the fabric, then sewing the along the piping again with the two sides together, tiring! There has to be a better way! I would love to know how you did it.

    1. Aww Njeri, my method is the same as you! It'll be nice to learn if there's other easier way too. But I imagine pretty tough to make sure it all line up nicely/snugly if we don't tackle it it one layer at a time...

  3. You skirt is looking super! Love the piping detail ...J

    1. Thanks Judith! I'm finally done with it! Phew!


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