Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Eyelet Vogue 1247 top: Done

Comfy loose fitting Vogue 1247 top made from thrifted eyelet cotton fabric. All done. All the pressing at each step, and the french seams... zzzz... :) Unfortunately, the cut and proportion is not suitable for my new Simplicity 2766 skirt, and not even suitable for my maxi-dress-refashioned-into-HiLo-skirt. :( Both of those skirts requite require a more fitted top. Better luck next time i guess...

Construction related post for this top will follow (in another post).

And the remaining 12 boxes arrived yesterday... half of which are sewing related stuff, including at least a box of clothes I can't bear to let go and want to refashion... I miss refashioning for Refashion Co-op... :)


  1. gorgeous top! a skinny belt would make it into a more fitted top and the great bias portion would be peplum-ish


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