Tuesday, October 2, 2012

First Skirt - Simplicity 2766

Been a little bit slow working on the skirt, but it's done now. I find myself feeling tired and wanting to fall asleep when working on it after dinner, and during the day the Bean didn't let me work on it continuously :)

So this is my finished skirt:

Now that it's hemmed, I realized that I must have mix up the measurement with the other things I wanted to do... I should've cut the bottom 3 inches before hemming rather than 6 inches! 6 inches is for another "alteration" project! Or is it 4 inches? I should re-measure before cutting that one....

I have this lovely red lining fabric in my stash. Thrifted in Iowa :) Glad to go shopping in my own stash.

More pics for this project was shared in my previous post.

As I mentioned in that post, I cut a size 18 for the project, and even added 3 inch for the middle panel piece that is cut on fold. Why? Because I thought that by adding all that inches, I will have a comfy skirt, and if it's too big I will attempt to put waist darts into it. However, it was wayyyyy too big.

With 3 inches added on fold for both front and back middle panel, that equates to 6 a total of 12additional inches of extra fabric there. For RTW, I wear pants/jeans size 14 comfortably (if  they have some sort of stretch of course). But I know not to cut a size 14 for my skirt patterns even if it's my first time attempting to make myself a "bottoms'. I decided to unpick (yes, by this time I've sewn all the panels together to see how it looks on me using the actual fabric, as I think, correctly, that it is quite hardy to take on the abuse) the middle panels (front & back) from the sides and then recut them back to just size 18. And then resew them back. Size is okay then. 

The pattern instruction is quite simple and short. I should have been done with the skirt a while ago. But as usual I cannot let things sit and just follow instructions A-Z. I decided to line it since I don't quite like the way the skirt fabric hang on me a bit stiffly (eventhough it's not as thick as regular denims). Found a nice red lining fabric in my stash that complements the red thread that is part of the "embroidery" on the main skirt fabric. So cut the lining fabric size 18 all the way. Sew the same way as skirt.

In the instruction, the way you are instructed to finish the skirt's waist is by sewing a twill tape on the top part of the right side of skirt, and then stitch it down the inside.

I attached the wrong side of the skirt and the wrong side of the lining together (at the top of skirt, as in the pic below/left), and handstitch down the lining to the zipper.

Doing my best to keep the inside neat...

Used leftover black twill from my fuchsia exposed zipper dress for my waist stay.

And then as in the instruction, sew the twill tape on the front of the skirt and fold it inside towards the lining and baste. And top stitch it down from the front side...

Then I made the erroneous cut of 6 inches off the bottom instead of 3, and just hem it - stitch, turn over and press, and stitch down. Same with the lining, except it's an inch shorter than the outside. Wanted to make one of those lining stay thingy, but I'm done with this for now. It's time to go to the carnival!!! Except..... I have nothing to wear on top. Typical! Nothing goes with anything. I will have to do something about that. Enough with sewing without much of a plan. I have to at least sew things that go together, no???


p/s: Will I make this skirt again? I probably will. It's actually super easy. But I will have to address fit issues better, and must not cut the hem this short, and in a different type of fabric, and have a top in mind for it...


  1. The skirt is cute especially with the contrasting lining. I hope it's not too short to wear.

    1. Hi Narda! Thanks!!! No... not too short, a lil under the knee, but I think it might look funny if i wear with boots with this skirt length... :( But I haven't worn it yet, so we'll see :)

  2. The red lining is super fun! It's nice to have a cheerful lining that only you know about :)

  3. whoa impressive zipper! i definitely need to work on that.. and most short skirts are wearable with leggings or opaque tights! and its layering weather finally.

    1. Hi Liz! Yeah, somehow I always wear my skirts with leggings or tights, unless it's really really warm. But I'm easily cold and am known to wear down jacket in early summer! :)


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