Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MMM'12 Week 3 Recap & ...

Week 3 (May 14th - 20th) has been kinda wild. But here are the pics that I got:

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Day 16 was when the Bean started to get sick. And day 17 was a blur to me. I do recall wearing my very first Sorbetto (it's not blogged but I think I posted it on my Burdastyle studio - a refashion project where the front is from hubby's maroon dress shirt he never wore (coz it's maroon) and the back is his checkered shirt) and my pyjama bottom (first worn here on MMM day 7). Didn't wear them at the same time, but both got vomited on....  No pics, and no time to recreate...

Found out that we are moving out of state on day 18. Surreal because we didn't anticipate we will know that soon, and that we are moving quite soon too. And Bean still sick so we didn't sleep much if any at all. He felt uncomfy to rest, and having a huge set of lungs, when he wakes up at 2 am and 4 am and cried out, his voice carries!!! Only Caillou (kiddie cartoon show) and being held (but no sitting mind you, he wants us to stay standing for hours!) calmed him down! Earlier that day had to clean up the place for the apartment showing (we didn't continue on our lease, so the management has been showing the apartment every week) and one parent-in-law stopped by in town. So was super tired and busy, and wham, when we got the news that we're moving, that's the only one bright spark of the day, even if we're too overwhelmed to celebrate.

Day 19, we decided to take the Bean to the clinic that morning when he developed ugly rashes. As another set of parents-in-law set to be arriving during lunch from Minnesota on the way to pick up grandparents-in-law who were coming from Kansas, I wanted to make sure that whatever the Bean is having will not be contagious to the elders too. 

Doc basically assuaged my fear that Bean is on the mend, and that whatever he is having will not affect adults and especially the elderly adversely. We celebrated by stopping by at this grocery store to buy me cheesecake slice (didn't have any for my birthday) and cookies for the boys to while our time waiting for our guests to arrive in town. It was super windy and when I opened my door it bumped the side mirror case of a BMW in the parking! My heart just stopped. My husband always always always reminds me to be mindful when we open our doors because we don't want exactly this to happen. But what can I do, I didn't anticipate the wind and the door felt yanked out of my hand. What else can happen to us no? What a week.

After I came back with the goodies, we waited in the car for the owner to come, and it was actually a very windy hour later when he reappeared. My husband spoke to him, he was concerned but upon inspection his car wasn't scratched (ours was a bit scraped, scratched by his sturdy side mirror case) and no harm done. Good thing then his was a BMW, no? So we went on our separate ways. Very relieved. But it must've taken a year off our lifespan :)

Only with those out of the way (Bean's satisfactory diagnosis, and car fiasco) that we finally let out a relieved sigh and had a nice celebratory lunch with the parents and then let the Bean (or the adults?) play with the kite and run around at the park staying away from other children. Look at the pic above of a very worn me in black at the park :)

Day 20 we decided to follow the parents to pick the grampies up at their drop-off/meeting point (MIL's brother dropping them off from Kansas) which is about 2 hours away. With our move next week, we would probably not be back in Midwest for a visit for a long while. What a treat to see the grampies. I love them to bits :) Had lunch with everybody and after the goodbyes we went back to the east (i think), parents and grampies head north, while the uncle left for the south. I wore my mother's day fuchsia dress for MMM day 20, but no pic in my phone though. But you've seen the dress in last week's recap.

Okay, so that's how my week 3 went. I think week 4 will be super crazy. We need to pack, but we are still recovering from week 3 that most of the time I am so overwhelmed and ended up just sitting and staring at the computer not knowing where to begin. Doing this post is a huge improvement in fact. I have a top I need to finish, but I don't have the energy or time to work on it. I did manage to let go of a lot A LOT of clothes and bag them (so far 6 big trash bags), even those that I think I want to refashion, for donation, because we can't be bringing the whole apartment with us. We are planning to strip down to essentials (keeping the tv, computers, a bag of clothes, sewing machine & supplies) and will start over slowly over there and whatever can't be taken with us in the car will be mailed in boxes to us. Theoretically it should not be that difficult because technically we have nothing big that we will bring. But as I look around, there are many little things that still will add up you see. Like my closet of fabric and patterns. So we need to prioritize. I wanted to do a giveaway (even if it's silly since i only have 21 followers :) ) of some of my patterns, but I can't even get to it yet.

Today is Tuesday and we are leaving next Thursday. Yep. That soon. Wish us luck!


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