Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Fuchsia Exposed Zipper Dress: M6395

I cut this pattern McCall's M6395 a couple of months ago, but only started working on it this week. I thought that the adjustment I made was not enough just looking at it (I cut pattern 16 and added inches from waist onwards), so I added another inch here and there. This morning when I put it on, I felt that it's too roomy. I like roomy clothes, but this one was too much. So I taken an inch from the sides, and then sew down the neck facings and press. The sleeves were also roomy, but that was the pattern as is. 

I think it's done and I'm happy with this version, even though I think I could've cut size 14 or 12 on the shoulders, and 14 on the bust for knits. And a smaller width for the neck... No.. I am HAPPY with this version..... Happy.... (keep on chanting that to myself...)

 I am loving the color. Fuchsia.

Fabric: Sophia ponte knit (double knit) from Vogue Fabrics.
Notions: Jeans zippers (One 9" cut to 7", and 2 5" zippers) and 1/2" wide black polyester twill tape from Joann's.


Looking at the pattern sleeves for this version (View B, which is the red dress in pic on top), it did not show that there's twill tape sewn on the wrists, however the instructions include that. So I also added that on mine.

The pattern calls for a full sleeves lining, but I omit that and in it's place added some sort of a facing instead using lining material which was taken off from a jacket that I refashioned into a lining for my suede cape project.

I'm holding off wearing it for now. Saving it for my birthday (in case I didn't get around making other stuff) which is in a week plus.


  1. What a glorious colour, and I love that you put exposed zips in the sleeves as well. Pure genius!
    I'm looking forward to seeing you wearing this over on Me Made May ;)

    1. Hi Carolyn, thanks for commenting! :) Indeed! I can't wait to wear it, the color is so happy. Credit to the pattern designer, or whomever that came up with the zippers idea on dresses, i love it :)


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