Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Not one, not two but three!

This is my 3rd version of the same pattern McCall's M6513 (view D) made one after another in the same month at that - I am that boring.

The first version I used this very soft trendy knit which is a dream to wear but extremely roomy and comfy. For the second version I used a stabler knit, a ponte knit. I like it very much and it fits great, but realized that it's kinda thick and warm for spring/summer. For this 3rd version I am using an ITY knit, leopard print I purchased from Gorgeous Fabrics. The fabric is slinky-ish but stabler than the first version, but lesser so than the second version. The suggested fabric is "moderate stretch knits only". Since I'm a novice I have no idea what that means exactly. All 3 fabrics I used have different feel, stretch amount and so on.

The instructions were easy enough to follow IMO. However I remember making one thing specifically different. I hand-stitched down the back neck facing inside rather than machine stitch it from the right side, and it's much neater (I did as instructed for the first version, but ends up unpicking the seams because it looks too wonky for me). Perhaps others can make it neater that way, but not me...

Here are the pics:


  1. it looks VERY chic. you'll be eatin' people everywhere you go in this!

    1. Thanks Deborah :) The fabric is soooo nice, but the outfit needs tweaking one of these days :) Fit is a difficult thing to master!


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