Saturday, May 26, 2012

I feel pretty!

This is the Memorial Day weekend ( a 3-day weekend) where Americans remember and honor those in service and those who has fallen while in service. For many, this is the time where families get together enjoying summer, or go on mini vacations. For us, this is our last weekend here in Iowa... 

Last night, instead of packing, the hubs played on his new computer game, the Bean played around and demanding Caillou, while I sewed me a maxi dress. In one night!

A while back I saw Erica B wearing one on her blog and checked out her link to Mimi G's maxi dress tutorial. I figured that since we will be traveling I will need something comfy yet cute to wear that I should try to make one.

Found that it is super easy to make, even for a slow sewist like me :) Left out the waist tie on mine since I suspect it will really highlight that I do look 6-mths pregnant (which I am not-pregnant that is). But might wear it with a belt some time under a jacket, lol...

Fabric: Hot Cha Cha Knit (that's what it's listed as at Gorgeous Fabrics :) ) It's black with metallic stripes (gold, blue and red). It's light, initially intended for a cardigan wrap, but since I don't have the pattern for one yet, might as well. I used up all 2 yards of it (sew a tube and then folded in as a self lining - basically i have a very short dress as lining)

Since it's our last weekend here (and since the peeps are showing our apartment 9 am - 1pm!) we went to the farmer's market (had yummy yummy breakfast burrito and argentinian empanadas), then off to my fave thrift store for a last hurrah, then back to the farmer's market to get snacks, then off to the park for the Bean to chase the ducks around before heading home at 1. The maxi dress wears well, very comfy, and I feel pretty! Those are hard to achieve in one outfit usually (in my case), so I say this is a win. I will definitely make a couple more. My location pics look horrid, so had to recreate the look here on our deck :)

Just had to get something from the thrift store....

An orange cotton tshirt that I am going to refashion, a mocha colored knit fabric that I might turn into another maxi dress or skirt?, some buttons, a lovely pin, and a cute bracelet....

 ... that says,"Truly fabulous people never get dressed before lunchtime..." or something like that :)

Have a great weekend!


  1. The dress looks lovely on you! I hope your move goes well! (And I'm glad my gratitude post helped you.)


  2. This looks great and sounds easy enough even for me ...

  3. LOVE the bracelet :)

    1. Hello! Welcome to my blog :) It's been a while since I actually wear accessories, but since I got this bracelet I've been enjoying it very much!

  4. I love the bangle, and that dress looks wonderful on you too :-)

  5. Love the dress and thanks for the link to the maxi tutorial. That is a great summer dress and I can't wait to make one. I have had a maxi on my list for sometime and I just need to bite the bullet already.

    1. Thanks Tara. Do share a pic with us when you make yours okay! :)


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