Saturday, May 12, 2012

V1179 - Silk Jersey

Finally, after making 3 versions of V1179 (one is as the pattern picture- kinda a wearable muslin, one I added my tapered sleeves and a deeper cowl, and one i cut into a top rather than a dress and with slimmer sleeves) I made this pattern in THE fabric I've put aside for it one fine day... 


For this version of V1179, I made it sleeveless like the pattern shows. 
I just hemmed about 1.5 inches though instead of the 4 inches indicated by the instruction. 
Another change in the construction is the way I sew in the cowl collar. The instruction tells you to stitch the notched side of collar first then turn the other side in and then stitch on the right side. I didn't like the look of this on my first version that I decided to hand sew this down on the inside after stitching the notched side of collar onto the dress. This way it looks neater on the outside. I did this on all my previous versions, and is especially important for me on this silk jersey version.

Green block (as described) silk jersey purchased on FabricMart long time ago. Upon inspecting the selvage print when pinning the patterns, it is designed by Cynthia Steffe, and printed by Angel textile? Something like that. The colors are lime green, chartreuse and black.

(p/s: FabricMart is having their Mother's Day sale. 20% off entire website until Monday May 14th.)

 One thing I notice when putting this on is that:
1) Silk jersey feels so luxurious to wear
2) It clings on to your body - very unforgiving

So, if you have a woman's body and have to squeeze into your Spanx before putting your silk jersey dresses on, will it still feel buttery soft to wear? Or a slip? What do you think?


  1. Oh, such a beautiful dress. I love the fabric. I hope you wear this during me-made May sometime :)

    1. Hi Carolyn! Am gonna wear it on my birthday tomorrow! Watch the page, hehe :)

  2. It's certainly gorgeous fabric, and how wonderfully it hangs! Love the pleats coming from the neck.

    I hear you about the shapewear - it rather interrupts the feeling of fabric next to skin doesn't it! Such a pity. Myself, I make exceptions for particular dresses and particular occasions. This dress looks like it would qualify!

    Happy birthday, btw!

    1. Thanks for the birthday wish Deborah! :) Ohhh yes, this dress do need either shapewear or a slip underneath unfortunately... :)


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