Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Touching base

It's been almost a week since we arrived in Seattle (after a very long and back breaking drive - spread over 4 days). I thought I'd wait until I have sewing related news to update before checking in, but that could be a long while, who knows... I have the sewing machine front and center here, and my bag of fabrics and notions I can't leave behind (I think 1/2 of the 20 odd boxes packed and sealed and left behind for shipping are my sewing things!!!) but other than tending to the missing buttons of my husband's work shirts, I haven't unpack my things yet.

We are staying at a temporary place in downtown for the month. The plus is Bean and I have been enjoying the sights walking around (read: exercise). The con is that the place is too cramped for me to sew in, with a rambunctious toddler... I guess I must say that I am highly motivated to find us an apartment. Soon!

Hope that things settle down soon and I'll have more to write about :)



  1. Nice to hear that you arrived in your new city safely.
    I am super jealous that you moved to Seattle. I am thinking of moving there myself. No it's not sunny California, but it has personality and it so pretty.
    Hope you find a nice place soon with plenty of sewing space. :-)

    1. Hi Trice! Thanks :) we are super relieved that we got here too! You should totally move here, then I'll have a sewing buddy! hehehe... Hope that I found us a nice place soon too or the 3 of us will go battier getting in each others' face all the time :)


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