Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bye bye UFO, hello Sorbetto

I'm happy to announce that the refashion project I started when my son was born has now been completed. All the bindings are "neatly" hand-stitched and pressed. And like all of my self made clothes will see heavy wearing and washing. A casual tunic top, I'll wear it with jeans/pants proudly!

I've been searching for the picture of me wearing the "before" dress but to no avail! So here's my lame attempt to illustrate it:

Even brand new it was very snug on the bust, and the sleeves were just not flattering to me IMO. The sleeves were pouffy on the shoulder and then got tighter with elastic and then flare out a bit. The A-line skirt of the dress started right under the bust (like an empire waist) and down to the ankle. Made me look pregnant even when I was not (and can't fit when I actually was), so I was so over empire waist silhouettes.

The Sorbetto pattern (free from Collette pattern) has been my go-to pattern, the base of many of my refashions because I can squeeze out a simple top (or adjust to make tunic/dress) that makes me feel fabulous from the limited fabric of a pre-loved garment.

Addition: Post of how I added the white band to my Sorbetto


  1. HONESTLY!!! That is the prettiest sorbetto top that I've seen so far - I made two myself and I've seen what seems like 100's of others. Can you tell me a little about the white band on the bottom?

    1. Oh wow! Faye, your comment warmed my heart! :) Most probably it's pretty because of the pretty fabric print, hehe, but in the morning I will take some pics of the white band just for you!

    2. I just added a post on the white band:


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