Saturday, April 28, 2012

Good morning USA

Good morning... Yawnn...

The pyjama party has gone LIVE on Karen's side of the pond, so it's the perfect time for me to jump in :)

This has been a long and crazy week, including a trip to the ER for the Bean on Wednesday (he's fine, but we needed an X-ray to tell us that he is), among other things that added up to making it a crazy week for me. It is a week like this that further drive home the repercussions of my immigration to the US. Okay, maybe repercussion sounds too dramatic a word. But yet it is a fitting one.

But Friday came, and everything seems better on Friday, and exceptionally better when I drink an extra creamy cup of hot chocolate. Haha. And so I sew my pyjama pants with the Bean playing and climbing on my chair as usual. In the evening, we went out to an event organized by Malaysian students for a while and that warmed up the heart a little more - seeing young(er) people having the time of their lives with mostly exams to worry about... and when we get home and had dinner I hemmed and iron the pyjama pants in time for zzz...

Behold my very first pants/bottom ever (that is for me and not the Bean). It is very simple to make, with straight-forward instruction from the Butterick 3314 pattern I used and the visual steps and tips from Karen's Pyjama Party Sewalong. 

I made size XL and I admit that it is very very roomy. Even the L will be roomy too looking at the pattern, but roomy for PJs for me is good. Definitely not when I sew pants to wear with my tops though (some day).

Fabric used: a lovely brown 100% cotton with small cream and orangey colored flowers and greyish green leaves...

Haven't been reading on the bed nowadays. But reading, like sewing, both mainly solitary type hobbies IMO, are my passions. Currently I am rereading Stieg Larsson's The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo on my Kindle.
When I like something I tend to do it repeatedly. Like ordering the same food when going to that particular eating place, or reading the whole Harry Potter set 7 times...

I do love to hold and touch and smell books. But we're always in the state of moving somewhere, that I've donated most of the physical books I picked up here in US, with some exception that by now I can't remember what that were - they've been in one box since 2 moves ago and will stay that way until we move out of state someday.

Now I'm gonna hop over the party and check out what the others came up with...



  1. Love you PJs, very cute.

    I agree with you about the feel of a book and the smell of the paper in a new book, but you can't beat the convenience of an e-reader (I have a Kobo).

    1. Thanks Debbie! :) It's a big departure from my old purchased bubblegum colored PJ bottoms, hehehe. And you are so right - all the books you may want to read in the a small e-reader, I do love it.

  2. Your pyjamas are gorgeous, I love that beautiful fabric!
    I agree with your assessment of the e-reader... I love to have "real" books with beautiful cover art to keep, but you can't beat the electronic version for books you are required to read that you might not necessarily want to have forever in your bookshelf. Actually, I have a kobo too!

    1. Thanks Carolyn! That fabric been in the stash a longgg time, glad to finally found something to make it into and that I know I will wear all the time :) I confessed that there were many times in the past when I bought books because their cover art! Haha..

  3. The fabric you choose is lovely. I really like chocolate-y browns. And I hear you on the e-reader issue... in France, where I live, books in English are really expensive, so I've gotten over my "must read only paper books" hang up, so that I can get copies more cheaply and quickly. Anyway, enjoy your read - that series is great.

    1. Cheap and quick, i do agree! And with all the books recommended at the PJs party, can't wait to check some out :)

  4. Hey, you are right, that is the same fabric as mine! Nice PJs and great taste!


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