Saturday, April 7, 2012

Draped front neckline top

I bought the above Donna Karan Collection pattern Vogue 1282 during the recent March BMV sale. I love the drapey-ness of the neckline so I figured I will give it a try for my Starting at the Top-2012 challenge top #2.

I got this purple jersey fabric as part of my mystery bundle from my FabricMart purchase. Don't you just love mystery bundles? Hehehe... I love them!

V1282 is not really a difficult pattern to follow since there's only 3 pattern pieces for the top, and of the 3, 2 must be taped together to make one large bodice piece, and the last pattern piece is for armhole facing.

This pattern i think is quite similar to the popular V1250 which I tried once using a wearable muslin but was not too successful (my blog post of V1250 here).

My mistake was that I wanted a deeper drape on the neckline so I added to it but it causes the folds over the tummy to be quite bad which is not an effect that I wanted of course.

I haven't gone back to make pattern adjustments and a redo of the dress as I planned, but I suspect I will one of these days :)

So here is a picture of the completed top:

What I like about this top as I said is the drapey-ness of the neckline. More so than V1250 :) I do have to sew up the neckline even higher than the pattern indicated (for me by 3.5 inches), I think I've read reviews by other sewists that also noted that they did this. I also found that the armhole is very very low (you can see hmmm the side boob? You can see it also on the model on the pattern sleeves picture on top of this post), which means for me that without a cover-up I might not wear this.... (Not that I wear sleeveless top comfortably without anything covering me no matter the temperature... ) But under a jacket or cardigan I think this top is fine.

Note for me: Also to take off 1" off both top of center back seams and taper down...

Starting at the top challenge 2012 - Top #2

Working on top #3 now. :)


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