Friday, January 27, 2012

My test V1250 dress

Earlier this week I was able to finally be done with hemming my 1st version of Vogue 1250 dress. I used a thrifted jersey type fabric I have in my stash for the project, it's brown with cream colored roses.

V1250 has only 3 pattern pieces, so it should be easy right? Ha ha. :) The pieces are 1) front & back, 2) back neck facing and 3) upper back. I cut a size 14 for the upper back and the armhole of front and back pieces, however I added 3 inches to the middle of the front and back by pivoting and sliding.

The thing is, whenever I buy RTW (ready-to-wear) clothes in the past, things never fit me right. If it fits great on the shoulder it means it's too small over my bust, and so on. Sewing for myself means I am able to have clothes that fit me better, in fabric I like, and patterns and shapes that flatter me better than RTW. And hopefully with better quality finishing than the RTWs. I'm still learning re fit. I think i'm not progressing as much on that, but maybe once i'm done wanting to sew a lot of "basics"(Right now I'm into making loose outfit that fits great on my shoulder and bust and then flow over my tummy - a problem area that I need to work A LOT on post c-sect.), i will then progress into accomplishing better fit by attempting different silhouettes...

This version will be worn with a belt definitely. For my next version (yes, there will be next versions, the first one probably in black - i still have tonnes of the black ponte knit!!!), I will change up the pattern by separating the front and back as that will work better for me rather than the original pattern that has the front and lower back in one fabric piece. (those who has worked on this pattern will know what I'm talking about re the pattern pieces for this. sorry, i don't have the pics to show what i mean...)

This weekend I am going to work on my wool knit fabric... Winter will end soon so I better get cracking (However, as I am typing this, it started snowing out there! hehehe)

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  1. You seem pretty good at sewing up knits! Well done :) btw you sound so much like me - I'm post-C-section (x2) too and it's horrible trying to find RTW that doesn't need a perfectly flat tummy! That was the main reason why I started sewing, in fact.


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