Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Me-Made-May '12

Zoe, of 'So Zo... What do you know' blog is hosting her famous self-stitched/me-made challenge this coming May. I first stumbled across this sometime last year when I was dreaming about sewing my own clothes but didn't have the nerve and the time to learn.


Fast forward to April 2012, I have quite a few self made clothing item on heavy rotation. In fact I mostly wear what I made now (that they are in tatters) and have donated a lot of RTWs I have. My relationship with the things I made, hmmm... it's almost (but not quite) like giving birth to my son. A proud mama. Flaws and all. But then again, I do have things I wear more often than the others. So it is also the time to evaluate them...

People stumbling on my blog page will be bored to tears seeing the same few things on my back but I still decided that this is the time to participate! As Zoe said, this is a challenge to ENCOURAGE people like us who make things for themselves. To do what exactly? Well, from my understanding, it's totally up to us how we want to challenge ourselves.. So...

'I, Far of Memoryseed (http://farsland.blogspot.com), sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May '12. I endeavor to wear at least ONE item of me-made clothing/accessories each day for the duration of May 2012'...

When I think about it, I mainly sew the things up, but for the most part haven't taken picture of me in them or style them. This is a very cut and dry variety of blogs. After all, this blog is in existence to document what I make. Isn't this one challenge to take on, then? At least for May. Take pics of me in my things. (which is a huge problem. me and hubby take crappy pics. :( must get that tripod for camera ) Don't think I will be posting them everyday tho, but in weekly clusters... in May...

As I said, I have only a few items so far, and I just made tops/dresses. Same with my refashions. Thankfully self made accessories will be counted in, so there is a little variety thrown in there. Hmmm... okay, am also challenging myself to make at least one bottom (pants or skirt) by end of May. It is part of my 2012 sewing plan anyways, and I badly need them, so while I'm in the spirit of encouraging myself to take this on, why not ehh?

May is also my birth month - I am going to make a birthday outfit definitely, so that is adding another new item to wear for May :)

In case anybody reading this want to better read what it is all about, join in the challenge or see what the others are doing for their MMMay'12, go to Zoe's blog. I'm sure more details on what to do, where to go and so on will be posted come May 1st. :)

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