Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 Refashion #2: Light Jacket Upsizing & Relining

A lengthy refashion project I started a couple of weeks ago: to upsize my old linen jacket and reline it.

  • In order to evaluate how much to add to the too-small jacket, I unpick the lining and used that as my "muslin". I guestimated that I needed 3 inches added to each sides of the front bodice and under-arms of the kimono sleeves for wearing ease. I contemplated under-arm gussets for a while, but ditched that plan and stick to just adding panel insets. I added the same amount to panel inserts for the jacket.
  • I used the matching linen pants to cut up panel inserts for the jacket.
  • Using the old lining-turned-muslin as pattern pieces, I cut out new lining for the upsized jacket out of a set of thrifted grey and beige rayon blouse and skirt.

I am very happy with the outcome! The relining took 2/3 of the sewing time because I got side tracked by other ongoing projects and a sewing meetup I went to this recent Saturday (was the first actual sewing meetup I participated in, I had great fun and did not feel out of place! How could I not: talking to kind and warm adults other than my husband about sewing, fabric, crafts and whatnots without the toddler sitting on my projects or trying to pull out my pins? :) )

I did not re-sew the buttons and snaps back on (there wasn't buttonholes on the original, the self-covered buttons were just there for embellishment) because I kind of like it left open like that. Very casual. (I might consider adding some sort of closures in the future...)

Currently on my sewing table: 
  • Refashion project of an ultrasuede skirt to a handbag (status: pattern adjusted and pieces cut)
  • A white rayon-cotton knit V1261 alice + olivia vogue patterns view A (status: maybe 80% done, but man, i'm now thinking that at this stage of my sewing clothes I should consider getting a serger finally. sewing a light knit on regular sewing machine is a beast. Not looking for anything fancy, a lower end but can do good cover stitch, rolled hem, and whatnot. Using twin needles and this and that fancy detachable feet on my regular, cheap but beloved sewing machine is not cutting it anymore...)
Anybody have any suggestion on a good lower end (by that i meant $300 and lower) serger/overlock to start on? Are you using one currently?


  1. Good job! I hopped over from Refashion Co-op. Isn't it nice to be able to get something outta the refashion bin/bag... and get it done! I've been doing a few things at a time and it's nice to know that eventually I will get this stuff outta my sewing room! LoL... some day!

    1. Hi Jean, thanks for hopping over here and commenting! I totally agree, i still have a big box to go through that is sitting out in our narrow hallway... Some day, slowly but surely ehh? :)

  2. Check out Amazon for the Brother 1034D Serger. That is the one I have. When I got it was over $200. Now it is $199

    1. Awesome, will do! How do you like it so far Trice? Got the job done?

  3. You've made it into a smart jacket, and I love the collar as well. Well done!

    1. Thanks Agy :) I love the collar as well. Somehow the redo made the collar able to stand up more than previously. Didn't add additional interfacing on them. :)


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