Monday, February 4, 2013

2013 Refashion #1: Black Silk Dress to M6711 Top

In my overflowing big box of "to be refashioned" clothes was this lovely decade-old (at least) black silk dress from Zara:

Empire waisted with a faux wrap and bow, it was pretty snug when I bought it (hence short wearing lifespan), and quite light weight too since it wasn't lined. It's a pullover dress, but knowing me I might have worn it over tights or jeans. It was so long ago and I doubt I have ever been photographed wearing it.

I love the fabric - it's been auditioned for countless number of refashioning projects, but I kept on putting it back into the box until last week that is when I went to Joann's and bought yet a few more sewing patterns (gasp!) on sale... ;) I went in search of the Issey Miyake's V1142 spurred by Carolyn's yummy yellow pleat top, but alas the pattern is not there (I didn't investigate if it's sold out at the particular store, or out of print)...

I know I want to pick up patterns with interesting details, and the McCall's M6711 top meets my requirement to a degree. The pattern itself is a multi pattern: Misses' lined jacket, top, dress, lined skirt and pants. And the top's description is: very loose-fitting, pullover top that has self-lined yokes and forward shoulder seams. :) (The dress pattern is also based on this top, btw.)

After close up
As usual, I made my very own slapdash sizing adjustments that I figured will work out for me for a loose fitting pullover top: neck, shoulder, armhole at 16, sides underarm/bust level at 22 though and tapered out towards the hips an additional inch where I added another inch to the hem length too. (as pic below). 

There wasn't going to be enough fabric for the back piece, so I unearthed this black thrifted fabric of unknown material. It's kinda a knit (but no stretch!) with burnout velvet or some such mix. It's not so heavy but still heavier than the silk, hence the back pulls down the top :)

I cut the back size kinda the same like the front pieces... Thrifted bias tape finishes the armholes.

I made some adjustments to the pattern for my next top (and there will be more than one of this top coz I love it!). To make the sides at underarms smaller by .5" for the front, and take off 2 inches from each sides off the back (the back was too full to wear and even apparent in the pic above).
[Add: Note to self: For the back --> experiment on either taking off 2" from the sides of the back or 2" off the fold, since the size of the armhole is okay...]

Here is an action shot wearing my me-made. But of course the black down jacket will cover up everything the whole time I'm outdoors.. Hmm, my hat looks like a swimming cap! And I've been wearing it for 2 years and never realised it. Darn. Oh, and the Bean's hat was refashioned from a thrifted men's sweater during winter 2011. His daddy has a matching hat. They both need another one each I suppose, but spring is almost here ;) Maybe for next winter!!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting to Refashion Co-Op’s Refashion First Friday! I love what you did with the blouse! Really cute!

    1. Thanks Lauren! And i do treasure being a part of Refashion Co-Op :)


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