Saturday, February 18, 2012

Under Construction

This is the dress pattern that I have been working on and off the past week, McCall's M6518 (Misses' Lined Dress) that I bought during the recent pattern sale:

I used a red stiff woven fabric that I am not sure what it's called or made of (it was thrifted months ago), just that I like it a lot. It kinda look like linen but stiffer, like a thick shirting. with lighter red and black slubs weaved into it??? Did not have enough to make the whole dress with it, so I decided to cut into my precious thrifted black pure wool fabric. I think it could be gabardine, but also I am not sure re that.

I have been making muslins before I cut into the dress fabric, out of also thrifted fabric for lining, and then made adjustment to the pattern on the neckline: I raised the back neckline and made the U-neck not as wide eventhough I retained the depth. Since I don't have enough yardage of the lining material, I ended up using a cream thin silk fabric that was also thrifted. Only after I was done making the lining and fitting myself was when I start cutting the dress. The pattern pieces for the dress and lining are the same, minus the ruffles for the bodice of the dress.

On the pattern envelope, the dresses are made out of one fabric with contrasting band using trim or ribbon sewed onto the midriff part. I chose to skip that trim as I am already making the skirt portion using black and I don't want to make my torso any shorter than it already is. Ohh, and this dress comes with pockets, yay!

I didn't have an 18 inches zipper to go with the dress, so we went to Joann's yeasterday 15 mins before closing time for me to get it. I bought several lengths of black zippers and some with metal, which turned out to be a blessing because on the car ride home it dawned on me that since I raised the back neckline, it meant I will need a longer zipper! :)

Right now I am attaching the zipper to the dress, and once I'm done with that I will be able to attach the lining to the dress... Who knows how long this will take. If I'm lucky, sometime late tonight....


Parting shot of my surprise Valentine's flower from the hubby :) <3

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