Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's Wednesday and I'm still not done with the date dress. I've been very close to throwing in the towel a few times! First, I was just about done topstitching near the back zipper when I finally notice that I did not match up the back when I sew the zipper in. Weird how I didn't notice it earlier. Probably because it matches up visually when I was pinning and basting that it didn't enter my mind to pay extra attention to this part!

Then last night when I already stitched and topstitched the lining and dress together at the sleeves and put the dress on to test before further sewing, I realised that its a bit too loose on the bodice part. Weird because I've made muslins for this dress. But then again, beeing a noob I must've sewn the seams bigger on the muslin... Or I cut a bigger size than I should and still okay it at the muslin stage because i thought when I sew the lining (which was the muslin) to the dress it will magically fit me. Wrong.

I could have close my eyes and continue and say okay, do better next time. But instead I unpick the stiches. Again. But not the whole dress. Just the part under the armpit for about 2 inches down until where the lining and dress is stitched. Then I pinned, and basted. Pinched in about an inch from under the armpit so that it will fit at the bust nicely and not gaping, and sticthed towards the midriff. Well no point really to explain so much without a picture to illustrate explain. I just needed to vent. Especially since the Bean woke up and cry his piercing cry at 4 am and kept us (and neighbors I'm sure) awake for a while (I was up and been sewing/unpicking the mess at this time) adding to the stress.

This morning before going to work my husband said, so when the date dress gonna be ready? Arghhh.. Dunno, i said.

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