Friday, February 1, 2013

Itty Bitty Quilt / Unfinished Quilts

Just sharing pics of a baby quilt I finish last year for our nephew.  It's just a simple design (or no design? :) ). I love the colors I used for this though: light blue, orange, dark brown, white :). I handquilted the whole thing, hence why my wrist was in further agony... I am not going to handquilt anything anymore, esp not blankets! And no more basting my patchwork pieces.. I have the 1/4 in sewing machine foot now... I'm keeping the handstitching parts to my garment sewing thank you very much. Urrmmm, although I suspect I will still be hand stitching close the quilt bind... Ugghh...

Front close up
Back close up
I also made 6 orange and burgundy colored quilted placemats (meant for Thanksgiving, but only completed in time to post for Christmas pressie) for my mother in law, but I was in a rush to post that time and now can't find/remember if there's any pic of those.... Those I machine piece without basting (it was just squares), machine quilt, although I still hand stitch close the binding coz it looked neater that way....

This particular blanket which is meant for the Bean (yet to be quilted) are mostly made from cut up thrifted men's shirts. The light blue square is from thrifted fabric. The white fabric is thrifted flat sheet, and the gray striped backing fabric is a thrifted flat sheet. The only brand new is the cotton batting. I started this one when the Bean was born (during my maternity leave) and he is going to be 2 and a half in 2 weeks ;). To be fair, the patchworked top was done 2 years ago, I basted the layers earlier last year, but of course I have yet to finish quilting it. I started to hand quilt this long before I finish the baby quilt (in the pics above), but I'm not going to continue handquilting this anymore...

This is also intended to be baby quilt made earlier last year... Unfinished yet. :) I used some Moda jelly roll (it's called jelly roll i think? those long rectangle strips) and some nice peace sign designer cotton purchased from wayy back when.
Front with the backing showing
:) Hope that Liz saw these pics... :)


  1. ooooh! love the elephant print and the coordinating colors! i like the idea of a striped/block quilt with the mixed back. the other two are definitely more intricate than i would ever attempt. i get ADD while cutting quilt pieces. thanks for posting these!

  2. Wow, those are quite lovely, I especially love the colours in the first one! You are a generous and thoughtful auntie :)


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