Thursday, June 28, 2012

I'm Still Here!

Okayh, so it's been about 3 weeks since we arrived in Seattle. We are still apartment searching hunting, and the tiny inn room we are staying in is growing smaller and smaller for the 3 of us. But so far no luck with the search yet. There's a lot advertised on craigslist, and we've viewed a few,  but no go. Why is it no-gos? That needs a dedicated post all on its own...

Anyhoo, I received an email from folks at Refashion Coop reminding me that it's been more than a month since I last post. OMG, has it really been that long? I do have a few stuff made up before packing up for this move, but totally un-blog worthy, very minimal refashion. And they are boxed up still sitting in our old apartment... I took with me a dress that I am refashioning (actually was working on it, finally, as I was reading the email from Refashion Coop, hehehe), but I'm still sewing down self-fabric bindings. That might take a day or two....

This is the before pic of the dress.... 
Sorry, it is blurry... Took with the phone before move but the baby changed the settings and so on on it. I don't know how he did that! It's made of silk, a long button down (motifs are of leaves) dress of green, olive and shades of brown.

While this dress refashion is being worked on, let me share with you one refashion project I did, inspired by Trice of SewTell. We've all seen these thing around, esp on blogs (at least I did), but seeing hers convinced me to finally make one. It's the T-shirt necklace!!
Pictured here are my t-shirt of choice, already in the cut stage (back when we were still in Iowa, and still waiting for boxes we ordered to arrive so that I can start packing!!!).

And here is the after picture, taken just now at our cramped room in front of the kitchenette area... :) We have microwave and also given hotplate. I was skeptical initially, but no longer! Was able to cook proper meal (I brought our pots and pans up to the room, lol... well since I have the sewing machine with me, why not pots and pans, no?) Also seen in pic are inn's plates, silverware and glass. But we bought our own kettle and french press...

So, I hope this refashion is adequate to tide me over until the dress refashion project is completed... Trice shared a link to the tutorial she used to make the necklace, so I am going to link to her post, and you can grab the tutorial from there :)

Until then....


  1. I've seen t-shirt necklaces before but this is by far my favorite. The pattern really does something for it!

  2. Nice! I like it too. The pattern and the simple knot give it a nice twist.


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