Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Long time coming

Completed this refashion a month ago before leaving for our holiday in Malaysia. It's a blah refashion, but very silky and comfy to wear. Pictured here worn with a rust colored cardigan over blue jeans...

Here is the original garment picture (sorry for the bad quality of the picture...):
It's a floor length silk dress, with collar and short sleeves and buttons galore, a thrift store find aeons ago.

I cut off the blouse portion and used the skirt part to make a swing type top. My preferred way to finish the neckline and armscye  is self fabric binding, so that was what i did to this top. 

I really like it. I've worn it twice. But I hate ironing. And it's kinda hard motivating myself to iron and dress up when we are stuck in an inn and have yet to find an apartment that we like or acceptable...


  1. LOL, I hate ironing too, but that top looks lovely on you and it's perfect for summer :-)

    1. :) Hi Agy! It's been a super warm summer here... Can't wait for the weather to cool down a bit!


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