Friday, March 16, 2012

2012 Sewing Plan

Lately my brain has been going on an overdrive. Extra overdrive! I found myself thinking of future projects while working on something else more and more. This (among others) really drag on my working time because I would go to my fabric stash closet and rummage through my pattern drawer, or go on Pinterest rather than concentrate on the task at hand. Free time for me with an active 18-m-o toddler is scarce, and my inability to "tunnel-vision" myself onto current project means that something that should have been done in a few days/a week gets stretched to 2 weeks (the usual timeline for me :( )

I know I can't stop myself from thinking and dreaming up all these things. But it's important for me to have some sort of focus... so here's my 2012 sewing plan that was made earlier in February (just found my scribbled note so I better record this on my blog so that it won't get lost again):

1) Date dress (very late Valentine's dress) - (status is done in February 2012)

2) April wedding anniversary outfit - either a circle skirt or a dress (not sure which pattern yet) using my Marc Jacobs silk brocade fabric on sale from FabricMart. I'm having the hubby help me if I am going to make a circle skirt...

3) May birthday dress - An ankle length version of the pattern below, using the Kelly green bamboo knit bought from FabricMart. The midriff band I'll use my leftover black ponte knit from FabricMart too.

4) My red outfit for brother's wedding in Malaysia (July) - out of a deep red crepe-finish silk chiffon fabric I bought from Gorgeous Fabrics

5) Ponte pants - I have more of the black ponte knit and also a wine colored one

6) Workout tops - will have to figure out the pattern, probably will refashion older clothes for this

7) Circle skirt (if not making it for wedding anniversary)

8) Pencil skirt

9) Cardigan/wrap

10) Jacket/coat

So the above were what I jotted down early in February and now it's mid March. They are the "MUST DO LIST of 2012". I have all the other things I wanna make before finalizing what I am going to make for my anniversary out of that pretty fabric. And I'm pretty sure there will be a lot more other things that are not on the must do list being made... but the must dos must be done!

Yesterday while walking around downtown with the Bean, I walked into the same store that I went to a sewing class back in November and walked out with 6 yards of cotton fabrics... One is by Anthology and the other is from Amy Butler's Lark Collection. And today while on the net looking for red silk charmeuse (for lining the red silk chiffon mentioned above: project #4) I also succumbed to other lovely fabrics....

One of the bloggers I follow mentioned before that stashing up on fabrics has a correlation with the insufficient time for sewing. Hmm, if I remember correctly she said that the less time she has for sewing, the more fabric she buys - something like that. For me it seems like I can't catch up fast enough.. From choosing which pattern from my stash to make or to adjust the pattern to what I think will fit me, then making muslin (most of the time) or pattern fitting, then cutting fabric, then pin and baste then sewing then adjust, etc etc.. each step is so slowwww... But I guess most of the time I'm happy with the end result.. But I seem to procure fabric even faster than sewing them up. But I do have every intention to sew them all up into lovely clothes for me and I do dedicate most of my time to this... And also, sometimes I think more time for practice is definitely needed before I cut into certain fabric that I hoard...

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