Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sewing Nook Update Photos

I  took over our coat's closet (only other closet we have) in the new apartment and converted it into my sewing nook. Luckily, hubby never complain about such things. In fact I think he'd rather me have that space (with "wood" flooring) rather than having to contend with stray pins and needles that can get lost on the carpet... ;)

Anyways, the space is now in acceptable working condition and I am currently working on another blouse. 

Here is the before picture:

And here are the after pictures:

 Left side of desk

 Right side of desk: My little Brother machine on the right side, and the dress form next to it. And I am so thrilled with the electrical box on the right side there where there is electric connection right in there for my light and sewing machine without the need of messy cords and extensions!

Upper right side: 4 clear containers of delicate fabric (others are stored in linen closets nearby)

Upper left side: 4 clear containers with patterns and 4 smaller containers with threads, ribbons and such (where is my button collection and zippers? :( must be in one of the 14 remaining boxes still in Iowa...)

I wished I can take the pictures in a better angle, but the hallway is pretty narrow. Full frontal of  my sewing nook is not a possibility.... But it's pretty spacious to do my sewing and putting things away. For chair, I just drag our dining chair to it. And I do my pattern and fabric cutting and so on on the dining table.



  1. Yeah, you should make some skirts, or at least one. You might fall in love with them. That nook is looking wonderful - much neater than mine!!!

    1. Hehe, let's see how long the neat-ness lasts... But I am excited for having the space! I'm joining your carnival, will definitely try my hand on one. Will be nice to wear a my-made skirt with boots like you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ana! I have no excuse for not sewing anymore ;)

  3. Oh, it looks so cosy and beautifully well organised! Isn't it absolutely lovely to have your very own space :)

    1. Thanks Carolyn! Indeed it's so nice having my own little space, I feel like I'm working a lil faster since I'm still at the euphoric stage ;)

  4. Wow you have a lovely sewing area! I don't sew much but my machine has been confined to the entrance hall while we renovate, and the sewing notions are in another room...


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