Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cozy yummy yellow sweater dress

I've sat on this Marc Jacob's yellow wool knit fabric for a while, trying to find the best pattern for it. With winter looking like it's coming to an end sooner and not as harsh as the previous years, I know I had to get cracking fast. I bought the pattern Butterick 5523 after I saw a couple of bloggers trying it or a lookalike pattern, and once the pattern arrived set on making it.

I made adjustments to the pattern and some sort of muslin last week, and over this last weekend with hubby looking after the Bean worked many hours on the dress. Had to take the seam ripper to it a few times, and let me tell u, wool knit and a matching colored thread made the job of ripping the seams sooooo difficult! I finally attached the back tab and buttons last nite, and I can say that it's ready, and phew!

The fabric itself is thick but not heavy, and my dress is kinda a lil loose on me (on the upper part), but I'm ok with that. The fabric i used as muslin was a tshirt type but with much less stretch, so i guess that was why the fit was not the same muslin to actual fabric? Or that I should transfer pattern pieces better! I hope that my dress will not stretch with time tho... Don't wool shrink instead of stretch?

So here is the dress:

(should iron the back pleat before taking this picture!)

The back looks like a coat no?


  1. Yes it certainly is cozy. I have one in gray sweater knit without the tab in the back. Love the color of yours.

    1. Hi Faye! I love the pleats on your dress so much better!!!

  2. It really looks lovely - well done! I love the collar and the back tab. Plus it's great how this was a 'family' effort!


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