Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend DIY - Thread holder

No sewing done this weekend, but I did spend a lot of time staring at my fabric stash trying to decide what to do next. I have been on a crazy sleeping pattern since becoming a SAHM - a lot of being awake all night long to sew in my euphoria of being able to (That means a lot of napping with the baby. Which is not so bad, but sometimes the Bean jump up and down on me when he wakes up and I'm still snoozing. Not so good). But I am happy to say that I am getting into a better sleeping pattern. Hopefully this will last.

So I woke up fresh and eager at 5 am yesterday (Sunday), and while my 2 babies sleep on, I worked on making my thread holder. I've wanted and needed one for a long time. But not about to spend $30+ buying brand new. My weekly visit to my favorite thrift shop did not produce any - they do have one but its for display and not for sale. However, on Saturday I saw a thick polystyrene square there selling for $0.25, so that was what I got to finally make me one (inspiration were a mishmash of tutorials online, but i did not follow one per se).

I used:
The polystyrene
cardboard box
upholstery fabric, scrap from cushion project
bamboo sticks

Need at least one more!

Have a great week!


  1. great site Farha! keep it up. looking forward to read moreeeeee. luv.

  2. Hi sweetheart, thanks for connecting with me! I love this thread holder, it is like a piece of installation art. Very inspiring! I am very impressed with your creativity, and ability to find time for it all, with babies and blogging too. Wishing you a lovey Sunday!

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