Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A White Ponte Cardigan Top

Not a knitter, I've been on the lookout for cardigan sewing patterns to try out for a while. I think right now I have 3 cardigan patterns which I fully intend to work on until I get my TNT (tried and true) pattern. I chose the Silhouette Patterns #311 Victoria Top to start off my cardigan TNT exploration, and as my 2nd top for the Essential Top Sew-A-Long.

Pattern: Silhouette Pattern #311 Victoria's Top
Sizing: 1-4 & 5w - 8w with Exclusive B, C & D cup sizing
Fabric: White ponte knit 
Notions: 6 pcs 7/8" thrifted pearl buttons and thread

This is my first Silhouette Patterns make, and I must say that it is very easy to follow! I purchased this pattern (along with 3 others) after attending a seminar by Peggy Sagers on Tissue Issues at the recent Sew Expo in Puyallup, WA.

 The pattern came with cup sizing for B, C and D. The measurement given were for finished garment measurement and include ease. Just like in the class, the patterns remind us to measure the circumference of several of our favorite blouses and use those numbers to select our sizes. I measured my favorite purple cotton cashmere cardigan, and chose to cut the size 6w for bust and tapered to 7w for the high hip. 

The fabric I used is a white ponte knit I got online from Vogue Fabrics a while back with the intention of making skirt/pants. So it is a nice beefier ponte i think, hence the stretchiness of this fabric is not the same as my RTW cotton cashmere cardigan. It has much way less stretch (something I only realized after the fact... I bet a more experienced sewist will notice this right off the bat). 

While I like the fit of my white ponte cardigan on the shoulder and bust and sleeves, it will benefit from an inch more fabric around the upper hips/tummy. This won't be necessary if I have used a different type of fabric, like a proper sweater knit fabric for instant, and not a white ponte knit :) I also had to recut my fabric for the collar. The pattern piece was too small and due to the less stretch, I was't able to force fit the original collar without a lot of puckering. I added 4 extra inch to the collar... Still look like the pattern envelop pic i think...

 p/s: it looks fine on the dress form, coz the dress form does not have my tummy. ;)

The pattern asked for 8 of 3/4 to 1 inch buttons, but I only had 6 of this pearl buttons. I left out the top 2 buttons and buttonholes.

This was also my very first self made buttoned up top, and my first using the overcast stitch. My machine is not so good on sewing a straight overcast without missing out on some stitches...  But still, I like it (the stitch). I don't like that the pattern show my overcast stitches on the top part (unbuttoned collar) though. If making this pattern again next time, I would leave it as it is if using a sweater knit where the stitches can disappear, or plan to cover it by adding ribbons.

I think this cardigan is too long on me. I would probably chop the bottom off just above the last button so that it will sit on my upper hip (i do have a short torso after all). Pictures below are with my tardy floral skirt from Vogue V1082 that I made for Faye's Carnival of Skirts Sew-A-Long. I haven't worn the skirt out yet since I have nothing to wear it with, but now I do! It's more fall color than spring though, but better late than never. At least now I have an outfit than just orphan pieces yeah? :)

Other than it is too long, I am not sure I like the shape/style on me. The collar and that the white ponte fabric made me feel like I'm wearing a shirt, and I don't like collared shirts. Hmmm... I am kinda worried that I might not want to wear this often. Such a pity tho since it is sooo easy to sew. We'll see how I feel when I make some tweaks to it later on...

This top achieved the following for me:
1) First buttoned down cardigan
2) Test towards finding my cardigan TNT
3) Something to wear with my floral skirt
4) Meet the gap for plain white tops in my wardrobe
5) Fabric stash busting? :)

:) Happy sewing!


  1. Hi Far, I think you are well on your way to making all those skirts, blouses and jackets you want to try. It's a great first attempt - and it always takes time to work out what finish to use. The first garment just teaches you. And even cardigans that you don't realy like have a habit of coming in handy when you least expect it.

    1. Ola Sarah Liz! Thank You So Much For Your Encouraging Words... Truly Appreciate Them. I Am Learning Loads Just By Making, But U Know How It Is.. :) When What I Picture In Mind Didnt Come Out Th Way I Want it To Be, Can Be Quite disappointing...

  2. Far you did such a beautiful job especially on those buttonholes.

    1. Thanks Faye :) I Just realized ThatI Sewn My Buttons On The Opposit Side Compared To The Pattern Envelopes...

  3. This is a nice looking cardigan. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is a very good looking cardigan, well done :)


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