Sunday, March 3, 2013

February's Completed Filler DIY Projects

Wanted to document these here on Friday, but in my excitement for the first Sewing & Stitchery Expo I was attending on Saturday (today, oops, yesterday now...) I spent the whole Friday making me a huge shopping tote bag... I am still in euphoric state post-expo, despite muscle sore and aching feet. I will share what I get to see and do (and haul back) on the one day I spent at the expo probably sometime next week.

So, here are the pics of what I made/finish in February in between garment sewing. (I find that pattern fitting/alterations, cutting fabric and so on can be a tiresome process and I do get brain tired, so other than wasting time on netflix, I also make other stuff like these, before soldiering on...)

Started and finished in between the jacket resizing and relining project:
1) Pincushion from remnants

2) Cushions and cushion covers for my thrifted chair (for sewing nook)

This was a UFO patchwork project started last year, finished as a quilt topper (45" x 50"):

Seat cover (quilted) made during the white and yellow flowy sleeveless top project:

Matching mismatch (wink) placemats:


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