Sunday, November 13, 2011

Last week recap

I have been working on and off on my leopard print tote bag (yet another refashion project). I'm using a pattern as my base point, but had to make it wayyy bigger and other adjustment to my requirement. Since I rarely follow patterns to a T, it's taking me longer that I anticipated. I have a lot of dress patterns that I want to work on, and put my refashioning project on hold. Maybe after this bag... I'm using a thick (but still foldable and so on) interfacing for the bag (I asked a fellow shopper at the local Joann's which ones I should get). That adds to the difficulty...


Last week we woke up to snow (Thursday, I think). It's funny watching the little Bean looking out the sliding door at the falling snow. Last winter he was too young to appreciate it. In fact, each time we took him out of the apartment he will be sleeping cosily in his carseat. :) It will be interesting this year when Midwest winter comes full force and it's white out there.


Today and Tuesday will be my Sew Cute Dress workshop. I still haven't decided which dress to make! Initially I wanted to bring my own fabric and supplies, but I realized that the workshop space provides the machine and so on, and they make business also from selling fabrics etc. I will just call in this morning to make sure they still have me on list of participants (hehe) and purchase the materials there during class. At least I already have my book though...

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